WhatsApp Web, goodbye to Edge: must update

End of support for older and less secure versions of Edge: WhatsApp Web needs an armored environment to handle calls, video calls and money transactions

WhatsApp Web no longer works on certain versions of Edge: the browser-accessible interface of the world's most used instant messaging service has removed support for versions of Microsoft's app prior to 80.

Edge 80 was released in early February 2020 and is the second version, after 79, among those based on Chromium. The current version of Edge is 86, so those who regularly update the browser will not have any compatibility problem with WhatsApp Web and can continue to use it without any problems. The reason why the Facebook group has decided to stop supporting older versions of Edge is mainly security: Microsoft itself, in fact, will no longer support "legacy" versions of Edge (i.e. those based on the old EdgeHTML engine) from 2021.

Why WhatsApp Web Abandons Legacy Edge

The fact that Microsoft will no longer support older versions of Edge also means that the Redmond-based company will no longer release any security patches for any "zero-day" flaws and bugs that pop up in the future.

If hackers find a way to breach Edge, then, there will be no way to prevent them from doing so starting next year if the version used is earlier than 79.

On WhatsApp Web very advanced and delicate features are about to arrive, such as the ability to make calls and video calls, which require maximum browser security otherwise users' data could be at risk.

With the gradual transformation of WhatsApp Business into a real e-commerce, then, it is very likely that even on WhatsApp Web will soon arrive features to manage payments.

How to check the version of Edge

Since mid-September, that is, since the Windows 10 update KB4576754, Microsoft has made it mandatory to install Edge. This means that those who use Windows automatic updates will certainly have no problems with WhatsApp Web. Others should check the version of Edge that is installed on their computer.

To do this, simply open the browser and go to Settings > About Microsoft Edge: it will show the version number and if it is 80 or higher, you will have no problems using WhatsApp Web.