WhatsApp Web video problems, what’s going on

For a few hours, the messaging platform is not allowing to play sent or received videos. Behind the problems, probably, an update

WhatsApp Web is down. In recent hours, the web platform linked to the instant messaging service owned by Facebook is experiencing problems with the playback of videos sent and received by various contacts. The same movies, however, can be viewed without problems from smartphones, a sign that the hiccup is found in a few lines of code of the web platform.

To complain about the malfunction are users from a bit 'of the whole world, which are using Twitter (and not only) to try to get in touch with the technicians of the company and thus obtain information about the fault. From Menlo Park, however, at the moment there are no indications of any kind and users are thus forced to grope in the dark. Why WhatsApp Web does not work and does not show the videos, in short, we know very little but it is possible to make some assumptions.

WhatsApp Web, what is happening with the playback of videos

All we know at the moment on the failure that seems to have affected the web platform of instant messaging we owe it, as mentioned, to Twitter users. Several hundred, in fact, are trying to get in touch (with mixed fortunes, to tell the truth) with the media managers of WhatsApp, to ask for clarification on what is happening. The answers, when they arrive, are rather sibylline.

It must be said, however, that the playback of videos and movies on WhatsApp Web has never shone for fluidity and speed. Often and often, users are forced to close the media window or, even, reload the window and the entire web application. These tricks, however, now have no effect, a sign that the malfunction of WhatsApp Web is more serious than usual. Given how it manifested itself and the extent of the problem, it is possible to assume that an update of the platform has created some incompatibility with the extensions or modules of the most widely used web browsers, making it impossible to play the videos.

The only viable solution, therefore, is to wait patiently for the developers to release a new update. And, if we really need to see a video on WhatsApp, we'll have to get a smartphone and play it with the app.