WhatsApp Web: voice calls are coming

Some rumors leaked online would suggest an update coming for WhatsApp Web. Among the various functions also voice calls

What if WhatsApp turned into a platform for VoIP calls like Skype? In fact, the messaging app par excellence already offers such features, but only in its smartphone version. Soon, however, the tool to call your contacts should also arrive on WhatsApp web, the platform that allows you to message from the browser of your PC (or tablet, if you have an iPad).

According to the latest rumors circulating online, this novelty should be present in an update of the platform ready to be distributed. The voice calls on WhatsApp Web, in fact, are being tested in the beta version and, if everything goes as planned by the technicians, could soon be included in the official version, accessible and usable by all. If this were the case, WhatsApp Web would become even more similar to the smartphone version.

How to make voice calls with WhatsApp Web

According to rumors circulating in recent days, the operation of voice calls on WhatsApp Web should not differ much from the smartphone version. With the update of the platform, in fact, an update of the interface will also be distributed. In particular, the icon of the phone handset will be inserted in the screen of individual conversations, so you can start a voice call in a few moments.

How do you make voice calls with WhatsApp Web? Very simple. First of all, you'll need to sign in to the platform, synchronizing with your account if required. After this preliminary step, you'll just have to enter a conversation and click on the icon in the shape of a telephone handset. In case this is the first call made from WhatsApp for PC, you'll be asked to access your device's microphone, so you can pick up your voice and send it to your contact. After accepting this request, the call will be forwarded to the desired contact. Now all you have to do is wait for the other person to answer so you can start talking.