WhatsApp, what are the Smart Reply and what are they for

The Smart Reply have also arrived in Italy and are active on WhatsApp: here's what they are, how they work and what are they for

Not all the news of WhatsApp pass through the application developers: in some cases the new tools arrive directly from Google or Apple with the updates of the mobile operating system. This is quite rare, but this is exactly what happened with the release of Smart Reply, which appeared on WhatsApp at least a week ago (according to the tests we carried out in the editorial office of Libero Tecnologia).

What are WhatsApp's Smart Reply? And on which smartphones are they available? Let's start by saying that Smart Reply is not a feature of the messaging app, but of the Android operating system. It is a tool that Google announced more than a year ago and was initially released only in the United States. After more than a year of work, it has arrived in Italy as well. The Smart Reply, as you can guess from the name, are smart and quick answers that a user can give through the message notification: they appear in the form of a button and you just have to click on it to send them. Here's how they work and how to make the most of them.

What are they and how Smart Reply works on WhatsApp

Smart Reply are a feature for smartphones running Android 10 and Android 11 that allow you to quickly respond to messages received on messaging platforms. Not only WhatsApp, but also Telegram.

How do they work? When you receive a message from a friend, such as "Hello", "Good morning", or "How are you", in the notifications, in addition to the text, buttons appear with a circumstantial response inside. These are exactly the Smart Reply. For example, if a friend writes us "How are you?", in the Smart Reply three buttons will appear: "Good. "Well, thank you", "Hello, well thank you".

Logically, Smart Reply does not work for all questions, but only for those where it is possible to respond quickly. The tool is based on the machine learning system developed by Google and this means that with the passage of time the function will only get better,

When Smart Reply arrives on WhatsApp

As mentioned, Smart Reply does not depend on WhatsApp, but is a built-in feature of Android. This means that the release is done by Google and as often happens in these cases you don't have to download any update, but everything happens server side. In the editorial staff of Libero Tecnologia we started to see the Smart Reply at least a week ago (today is September 2, 2020, ed), so it means that slowly they are arriving throughout Italy.