WhatsApp, why photos are blurry

If the images sent on WhatsApp are not downloaded to your smartphone, they remain blurry: here's how to fix the problem

A friend of yours sent you an image on WhatsApp and unfortunately you see it blurry. You try to close the application and reopen it, but nothing: the photo is not seen in high definition. Don't worry, it's not a problem with your smartphone or a WhatsApp bug, but it's something that happens to many users, especially if you go looking for images you received from your friends a few months ago.

As you well know, when we receive a photo or video on the messaging application, in order to view them we need to download them to the smartphone's memory. Despite the fact that WhatsApp uses very sophisticated compression algorithms, it is normal that after downloading hundreds of videos and thousands of images, the device's memory is fully occupied. The only solution is to buy a microSD card (if your device supports it), or to delete the media from your smartphone's memory. And this is exactly the reason why WhatsApp pictures are blurry.

WhatsApp, why you can't see the pictures sent by your friends

If you enter a WhatsApp chat and notice that the pictures sent by your friend are blurry, the reason is very simple: you have deleted them from your smartphone. There is no other explanation: there is no bug in the application and it is not a problem of the smartphone. To prevent a photo on WhatsApp from looking blurry, you need to set it to automatically download media. You can do this on both Android and iPhone by following a simple procedure.

If you have an Android smartphone, you must open WhatsApp, press on the icon with three vertical dots in the upper right corner, press on Settings, then on Chat. On the new screen, activate the toggle next to the "Media Visibility" item.

With the iPhone, the steps are very similar: launch WhatsApp, press on Settings and then on Chat. At this point activate Save to Camera Roll.

This way you should no longer see blurred images on WhatsApp, but you'll have another kind of problem: all the memory of the smartphone occupied. Our advice is to equip your device with a MicroSD card in case it is supported. Otherwise, try to install as few applications as possible.