WhatsApp working on a system to block hot videos

WhatsApp has promised to work with India's Supreme Court to come up with a system to block the proliferation of sexually offensive videos on social

It all stems from two rape cases against two Indian women that were filmed and spread via WhatsApp. The investigation was initially entrusted to the local CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), but the matter was later brought to the attention of Prajwala, a non-governmental organization, which in turn approached the Chief Justice of the Asian country.

And we come to today. WhatsApp has been asked by the Indian Supreme Court to explain, first of all, how the messaging service works, all the technical aspects, including encryption technology. All through a presentation to be transmitted by email or, even better, through a video conference that can be attended by a committee organized ad hoc. The Supreme Court, in fact, has set up a sort of group of "experts" whose members are Google India, Microsoft India, Yahoo India, Facebook and government officials.

India declares war on red light videos

The executives of WhatsApp - which has 200 million users in India - have finally decided to go directly to the Asian country next April 27 where they will meet with the committee of "big" created last month. All together they will have to find as soon as possible a solution to block the spread of red light videos on social networks and instant messaging services.