WhatsDog, the app to spy on WhatsApp conversations is dangerous

WhatsDog promises to spy on the conversations of other users, but in reality it is not so. Let's find out what's behind this application

Apps that promise to spy on users' conversations on WhatsApp are back in the news. This is a thriving market that exploits people's curiosity: who is our partner talking to on WhatsApp? What is he/she keeping from us? Who is my child chatting with?

These are the questions that the average WhatsApp user asks themselves. And it is precisely these questions that applications like WhatsDog try to answer: they promise people to spy on their friends' conversations and find out who they are messaging with. WhatsDog is just the latest application to arrive in this sector: previously there were WhatsMonitor, Wossip, WhatsScope, all apps developed for Android and that Google has already removed from the Play Store. WhatsDog has also undergone the same treatment and is no longer present on Google's digital store. But, unfortunately, it is still available on third-party stores and there are many users who download the app convinced that they will be able to start spying on their friends' WhatsApp conversations.

What WhatsDog is and how it works

WhatsDog is an Android app that promises to spy on your friends' WhatsApp conversations. Besides being an illegal practice, it is profoundly false. No app is capable of spying on other users' WhatsApp conversations. In fact, WhatsDog does nothing but report the connection and disconnection time of your friends from WhatsApp. This is data that everyone can get even without having to download an ad hoc application. We've already covered this topic in the past: using a WhatsApp bug you can get your friends' access time to the application, even if they've decided not to make it public. This is the only service WhatsDog offers, it doesn't allow you to spy on any of your friends' conversations.

This is not the first time applications of this type have been published on the Google Play Store, and Google has always intervened promptly to remove them. And it has done so with WhatsDog as well. The app, however, is still present online and can be easily downloaded from one of the many third-party stores that offer apps for Android. Digital stores that don't adopt high security levels like those found on the Google Play Store: it's very easy to find apps in these stores that hide viruses and infect your smartphone. And this could also be the case with WhatsDog.

Beware of personal data

The application can be downloaded for free from the Net and installed on your smartphone. But we have no guarantee that WhatsDog is a secure application. In many cases apps that promise to spy on other users, or as in this case WhatsApp conversations, hide within them viruses and malware capable of taking control of smartphones.

The goal of hackers is to obtain user data such as bank account numbers and credentials to access home banking services. Apps found in third-party stores are a real danger to users' security and the advice is not to download them. Also, in this specific case, the actions that WhatsDog promises to perform are illegal and we would risk a lawsuit if we are caught spying on the WhatsApp conversations of our partner, son/daughter or friend.