When does Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 start

Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 is about to start: here's the possible start date of the new video game event

It was October 14, 2019 when Fortnite kicked off Chapter 1 of Season 2 of the online multiplayer. Since then Epic Games, the software house that created the video game phenomenon of the last decade, has repeatedly postponed the end of Chapter 1 (usually each Chapter lasts about 10 weeks) to make room for some events designed for the launch of the Star Wars movie and the holiday season.

Now, however, it seems that the time has come to finally say goodbye to Chapter 1 and embrace the beginning of new challenges. For some time now, Epic Games has been saying that Chapter 2 will begin in early February, without specifying an exact date. Some data miners, analyzing the code of Fornite, have discovered that the Bees of Chapter 1 of Fornite are open until February 15, 2020, a day that falls on a Saturday. Unlikely that the software house decides to start Fornite Chapter 2 Season 2 on a Saturday, much more likely to happen on the previous Thursday, the day when new challenges usually start on the video game

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: the start date

Four months, that's how long Fornite Chapter 1 Season 2 will last, one of the longest since the video game has used this form to launch new events. From October 14 to February 13: this should be the day in which Fortnite should send offline for a few hours to release the update and start Chapter 2.

As mentioned, in the Api of the video game is reported February 15 as the final day of Chapter 1 Season 2 of Fortnite. But it's unlikely that the software house will decide to have the event end on a Saturday. Much more likely is that the chosen day is February 13, a Thursday, the usual day in which updates are released and kicked off new events and challenges.

How will Chapter 2 Season 2 Fortnite

We are still too long to understand what will be the news that Fortnite has thought for the new Chapter. Surely some changes will be made to the gameplay and inserted new weapons. But for the moment everything is still top secret.