When does Lucifer 6 start filming

Actors are set to return to the set for the sixth and final season of the TV series. Here's when it might come out and all the previews

Lucifer, Netflix's kindest and most charming devil is getting ready to say goodbye once and for all to his beloved audience. In fact, despite the fact that the new episodes were released on the streaming platform on August 21, the production has already announced the start of filming the second part of the fifth season.

These will be immediately followed by those of the sixth season, as revealed by a major American platform dedicated to TV series. Initially this content was supposed to end with a fifth season consisting of 10 episodes, but later it was decided to include additional 6 episodes and split it into two parts and also include a sixth season. Unfortunately the shooting of the second part of the fifth season was suddenly stopped because of the Coronavirus, but now it started again and it's already about to end. After that, those of the sixth season should start immediately. In short, Lucifer lovers will have a lot of good news in the coming months.

Lucifer 6: when shooting starts

The announcement is TVLine with an indiscretion that has immediately caused the enthusiasm of the public: the production of Lucifer is determined to conclude the filming of all episodes in the coming months.

As we know the fifth season was practically finished. This information was also confirmed by Lesley-Ann Brandt, the interpreter of Maze, who reassured fans by saying that 99 percent of the scenes had been shot before the lockdown. After several uncertainties, it's back to the set: filming should end on September 24.

Subsequently, the actors will be busy with the final season. If the schedule does not suffer further hiccups, we will see the second part of Lucifer 5 in December 2020, while the final season could arrive in the summer of 2021.

Trama Lucifer 6: what will it be about?

The news related to the last episodes are very few, but there are some certain points. First of all, the episodes will be signed by the same authors Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson. This will give a certain consistency of narrative and style to the product. The second important element is given by the cast: no changes, but rather great returns are expected. For example, we'll see Eve again, the character played by Inbar Lavi, who at the end of the fourth season had left Maze and abandoned the world of Lucifer.

Maze will still be one of the pillars of the story, but we still don't know if she will continue to be Lucifer's (Tom Ellis) sidekick or will become his antagonist, allying herself permanently with her evil twin Michael, played by the same actor. In the fifth season we also know that God, Lucifer's father, will arrive and his relationship with all his children will be explored. His entrance on the scene could then further complicate things and make the final season more interesting.

There is also the social aspect of the TV series, which is still an investigative and detective story. The production taking a cue from this fact is intent on dealing with social issues, such as the