When does the iPhone 12 come out and how much does it cost in Italy

The iPhone 12 will hit the market later than in the past: the release is scheduled for the last week of October. The price, however, could be slightly higher

The iPhone 12 will come out on the market late. At least this is what leaks from the latest rumors launched online by various insiders and experts in the world of Apple. The pandemic has been a determining factor in causing a delay of a few weeks in the release of the new iPhone 12. Instead of the classic release in the last week of September, the new Apple devices could arrive on the market between late October and early November. There could also be a delay depending on the model: first the iPhone 12 and then the iPhone 12 Pro.

For the moment these are suppositions waiting for official confirmation that will have to come directly from Apple during the official presentation. Presentation that, however, will not suffer any kind of delay: it should take place as usual in the first two weeks of September. According to the latest rumors, the date is already set: Thursday, September 8, slightly earlier than usual. The presentation of the new iPhone 12, logically, can not be made with the presence of journalists, but will be broadcast live streaming online.

When the iPhone 12 comes out in Italy

For the moment you can only make assumptions based on the little information available. According to insider iHacktu, Apple is organizing a presentation event for September 8, where in addition to the four new iPhone 12, there will be room for the sixth-generation Apple Watch, new low-cost iPad and AirPower, the wireless mat that will allow you to charge multiple Apple devices simultaneously.

The presentation event, logically, can only be followed online due to the rules on social distancing that do not allow gatherings in indoor and outdoor locations.

The Covid-19 will not only disrupt the presentation of the iPhone 12, but also the market launch. The entry into production of the new devices started late due to the closure of factories in China and this will inevitably lead to a disruption in the market launch of the device. Not late September as Apple has accustomed us, but at least late October. It is rumored that there will even be differences between the various models, with the iPhone 12 that will be the first to arrive, to be followed by the iPhone 12 Pro.

How much will the iPhone 12 cost in Italy

Uncertainties also with regard to the price of the iPhone 12. The rumors released in recent months are discordant between them: some insiders are sure of the fact that Apple wants to lower the price of the iPhone slightly, while according to others the cost of the new Apple smartphone could increase by about 50-100 dollars. The most likely scenario is that the iPhone 12 with a 5.4-inch screen will cost the same as last year's iPhone 11 and then gradually increase with the other three planned models.