When the iPhone comes out in 2018

According to the latest rumors, Apple is reportedly planning the unveiling event of the new iPhones for September 12. The pre-order from September 14

A little less than a month and the new iPhones coming out in 2018 will be unveiled. According to rumors coming from the United States, Apple would be preparing the presentation event of the three new iPhones for September 12, 2018.

For now, no confirmations come from Cupertino, but September 12 seems to be the only available date for the presentation of the new 2018 iPhones. In fact, from Germany leaks news about the day when pre-orders will be opened for the new smartphones: September 14. The news would come directly from local phone operators who cite Apple itself as the source. September 14, 2018 is a Friday and logic dictates that the presentation will happen a few days before the pre-order opening. September 10 is a Monday and Apple has never presented its smartphones on the first day of the week (it happened only with the first iPhone); September 11 is a sad day in U.S. history and would be discarded out of hand, so the only available date for the presentation of the iPhone 9, iPhone X2 and iPhone X Plus is September 12. The event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater present inside Apple Park.

Iphone 2018 release date

Showing on September 12, pre-orders open from September 14 and arrival on the market scheduled for September 21. This should be the road-map that will accompany the three new iPhones coming this year. As we have already anticipated in recent weeks, Apple will present on September 12 a new version of the iPhone X, an extra-large model (iPhone X Plus), and a low-cost smartphone that will most likely be called iPhone 9. The Cupertino company has decided to change its strategy and broaden its target audience: not only users with a budget above 1000 euros, but also people who do not want to spend more than 700 euros for a new iPhone (this is the reference price for the iPhone 9).

Features and price iPhone 9

The design of the iPhone 9 should be very similar to that of the iPhone X: the LCD screen will be 6.1 inches, at the top will be the notch that will contain the sensors for FaceID (unlocking via facial recognition), while in the rear there will be only a photo sensor. On board we will have to find the new A12 processor, supported by 3GB of RAM and at least 32GB of internal memory. The price of the iPhone 9 is expected to be around 700 euros.

Features and price iPhone X2 and iPhone X Plus

If the IPhone 9 will be Apple's new budget smartphone, the iPhone X2 and iPhone X Plus will be the Cupertino company's premium devices.

The IPhone X2 will be a simple update of the smartphone released last year: the screen size remains the same (5.8-inch OLED display), in the back there will always be a dual camera and inside the notch will be the sensors for FaceID. What will change is the processor (A12) and the amount of RAM (4GB). The internal memory will start from 64GB. The price of the iPhone X2 is expected to start at 1000 euros.

The iPhone X Plus is Apple's answer to Samsung and the Galaxy Note 9. The smartphone will have a 6.5-inch OLED screen, will ensure very high performance and will have support for the Apple Pencil that will allow you to interact with the smartphone directly with the stylus. On board we will find the A12 SoC, 4GB of RAM and at least 128GB of internal storage. Dual cameras at the rear. The price of the iPhone X Plus will start from at least 1100-1200 euros. The release date of the iPhone X Plus is set for September 21, 2018.