When the Nintendo Switch Pro with OLED screen arrives

The new Nintendo Switch Pro console will arrive earlier than expected and will have an OLED screen: all the news


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A particularly pleasant piece of news awaits gaming enthusiasts: Nintendo Switch Pro, equipped with an OLED screen, could be launched on the global market much sooner than previously expected, thus expanding the range of proposals related to portable gaming devices.

To give confirmation of the possibility of soon being able to touch the updated version of Nintendo Switch Pro was a report compiled by the information giant Bloomberg. With the occasion, the agency has also marked on the calendar a possible time frame for the official announcement: it is, in fact, the days that precede the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), fair totally dedicated to video games that every year is organized by the Entertainment Software Association that also this year will be held from June 12 at the Convention Center in Los Angeles albeit in a completely virtual form.

Nintendo Switch Pro, what the console will look like

The new Nintendo Switch Pro should count on two extremely interesting strengths from the gaming point of view: the 7-inch OLED display, made and supplied by Samsung, and the Nvidia chip that takes advantage of DLSS technology to have an output stream in 4K format to be connected to the latest generation smart TVs, for a first-class viewing experience even on a compact console like the one of the Japanese company.

Nintendo and the fight against time (and processors)

Focal moment will be, therefore, that of June 12: we must wait for that date to know more about the future of the portable device that will see a real revolution compared to the past. If everything goes well, according to Bloomberg, players will be able to spend hours of fun on Nintendo's little one already by the end of 2021.

Although the pandemic situation has made it difficult to find the current model in different regions of the globe, due to a mixture of difficulties of realization and distribution as happened to big players like Sony with its PlayStation 5, in the document Nintendo's attitude seems confident.

The shortage of processors and other key parts doesn't seem to strike any fear: "Production lines are better prepared for the potential change in components, and the parts Nintendo is using are subject to less competition than those in its rivals' more powerful consoles," the report reads. Throwing some shade, however, is another consideration of the agency, which points out that "the company's ability to meet consumer demand will not be guaranteed." Will Nintendo be able to start production on time?