When will cars arrive on Fortnite

Cars will only arrive on Fortnite in the coming weeks. To announce it is the same Epic Games: here's what you need to know

Should arrive with the start of Season 3 of Chapter 2 or in the following weeks, but a month from the start of the new season still there is no trace of cars. One of the most interesting new features thought up by the developers in recent months doesn't seem to want to arrive on the game. The cars were shown in the trailer that anticipated the new season and all gamers hoped to see them from the beginning, but it was not so.

Epic Games wanted to wait, after all, the beginning of the new season has flooded much of the map and it was necessary to wait several weeks before new areas were revealed. Now the map is almost completely dry and even the roads where technically cars should pass have emerged. But there's no sign of the cars. And there will be no more for a couple of weeks: to announce it is the same software house that has issued a press note in which he tells players to wait a couple of weeks. How many exactly, however, is not given to know.

The cars on Fortnite, the message of Epic Games

With a message from the ironic tone and joking, Epic Games has made it official that the cars will not come immediately on Fortnite, but we must wait a few more weeks. In the meantime, however, have been added gas stations where you can refuel. In fact, each vehicle will have its own tank with gasoline that will slowly decrease. Once depleted, the car will stop.

"Ordinary Administration Insurance are pleased to announce that automotive coverage is just around the corner. Shark damage? Ordinary Administration. Tamping? Commonplace. Dry gas tank? Not covered. I nostri avvocati stanno studiando i dettagli delle polizze e correggendo errori di battitura come “copertura squali" anziché “copertura auto". Nel frattempo, abbiamo ritirato numerosi veicoli sull’isola per un’ispezione. Ci aspettiamo che ci vorranno alcune settimane perché possano tornare sulle strade“.

Il messaggio fa anche riferimento al fatto che molti veicoli utilizzati dagli utenti per ottenere materiale metallico sono scomparsi dopo l’aggiornamento 13.30. Si tratta di una strategia di Epic Games per creare ancora più attesa.

Come saranno le automobili di Fortnite

In totale i veicoli a disposizione saranno quattro:

  • ValetSmall
  • ValetMedium
  • ValetLarge
  • DagwoodTruck.

Ogni automobile avrà delle caratteristiche differenti: il modello più piccolo sarà più veloce, ma allo stesso tempo meno resistente. Mentre il camioncino sarà più lento, ma anche più resistente agli urti e agli spari. Different will also be the fuel available: ValetSmall and Valet Medium will have a fuel reserve equal to 100, while ValetLarge will have fuel equal to 150. The truck will have a fuel capacity of 100