When will the second season of Curon be released

The second season of Curon may be released soon. The Italian Netflix TV series still has many plots to be concluded.

The second season of Curon (the Netflix TV series released on June 10) could be released very soon. There are still many unanswered riddles surrounding the mystery of that bell tower that juts out of the lake.

The finale of the first season is open-ended. Most likely some of the main characters will stay while others will be gone, but surprises may be around the corner. Let's see in detail. Before you continue reading, we point out that there are spoilers for those who have not yet finished watching the first season.

What is Curon about

After Luna Nera, Curon is the second Netflix original fantasy TV series and produced in Italy. Set in a beautiful location in Val Venosta, Trentino Alto Adige, the story revolves around the mystery originated by the bell tower that rises from Lake Resia, where once stood a village that for some strange reason would have been submerged.

From the cold waters of the lake, heralded by the tolling of the bells, come out doubles (the doppelgangers) that threaten the existence of the people who live in Curon. These doubles, the shadows, are nothing more than a more violent and ruthless version of the inhabitants that feeds on their deepest and most hidden desires.

The Raina family is at the center of these mysteries. The mother Anna returns to Curon with her children Daria and Mauro, but is coldly welcomed by the old father Thomas. In the places of her childhood she awakens something dark and the ghosts of the past resurface.

The unanswered mysteries

As said before, the ending is very open and hints that a second season has been planned. In the final scenes of the last episode, the mysterious boat renter issues a threat to the Raina family: before the curse destroys everything, they must be eliminated. This could be the very key on which the new season will be built.

It is not even clear why those shadows have awakened in the village of Curon. What are they really? And why did the boys find the remains of World War II soldiers? Another unanswered mystery. Similarly, it has not been explained how the old village was flooded: according to Lucas's words, it was the Raina's who wanted it, but nothing else is said.

The known doubles are dead: Lucas, Albert and Anna. However, there is one double who managed to survive without the others knowing: we're talking about Klara, the Asper's mother. And then we see the heartbreak of Daria and Micki at the tolling of the bells that herald the arrival of their shadows.

The second season of Curon

Unless the show is cancelled by surprise, a second season seems very likely, at least not to leave plot holes and thus close the story. Netflix released the first part only a few days ago and has not yet given official information about the next one. Surely it will wait to see the results of a TV series on which it has invested a lot in terms of communication and certainly the Covid emergency has not accelerated the work.

In a new season we could almost certainly see the girls Daria (Margherita Morchio) and Micki (Juju Di Domenico) and their brothers Mauro (Federico Russo) and Giulio (Giulio Brizzi). There will also be Klara (Anna Ferzetti) and grandfather Thomas (Luca Lionello). Barring any unexpected surprises or flashbacks, we shouldn't see Anna (Valeria Bilello) and Albert (Alessandro Tedeschi) on the screen again, since both the original version and the shadow version are dead for both of them.

While waiting, we can watch the first season of Curon on Netflix to try to catch some more clues, or choose among the Italian TV series in the catalog. Curon is an original Netflix TV series and for this reason it can only be watched through this platform. It is available for smart TV, pc, tablets and smartphones and you just need a subscription that allows you to access the whole catalog through app or browser.