Where to do your shopping online with home delivery

Doing your shopping online is possible. Thanks to the spread of e-commerce and the success of platforms such as Amazon, even supermarket chains have decided to launch websites where you can do your shopping online with home delivery. From Carrefour to Conad, passing through Esselunga, Todis, Coop and Pam, all the major chains have a website where you can buy food, detergents and any other type of product, while sitting comfortably on the couch at home.

The payment is made directly online or you can decide to pay on delivery and in some cases you can also decide the time. Usually the shipment takes place within a few days, but in complicated situations such as those that Italy is experiencing now, the delivery may be delayed a few days. Nothing dramatic, the important thing is to make a substantial order so as not to have to make another in a few weeks. Here are the platforms to do your shopping online with home delivery.

How to do your shopping with Supermercato24

We start with a service that is not actually managed by any chain, but it was among the first websites in Italy to understand the potential of the sector. Supermercato24 allows users to choose products from the best supermarkets in Italy: from your smartphone or computer you make the shopping and within a few days the delivery is made.

The service covers mainly large cities, while in the municipalities it is more complicated to find a "Shopper". To check if your city is covered by the service just enter your home address on the homepage. To meet the Italian people who are living a complicated period, the delivery is free for the over 65 until March 30. You have to use the code UNAIUTOX65 for an expense of at least 40€.

How to do the shopping at Carrefour online

Doing the shopping online at Carrefour is easy and fast. From the homepage of the site you can click directly on the product categories (e.g. Sanitizers, Cold Cuts and Cheeses, Fish, Meat, Pantry), or on the item "Buy online". Once you have selected all the products you can go directly to payment, indicating the address and your data for home delivery.

In this period in which most Italians must stay at home, home delivery for the over 65 is free. Due to the high number of requests, the shipments are made with some days of delay.

How to do the shopping at Conad online

"Altuoservizio" is the Conad website to do the shopping online. First you have to enter the address of your home and check if you are covered by home delivery or pick up in store (Altuoservizio is active in the following provinces: Arezzo, Cagliari, Caserta, Catanzaro, Cosenza, Crotone, Florence, Frosinone, Grosseto, La Spezia, Latina, Livorno, Lucca, Massa-Carrara, Naples, Nuoro, Olbia-Tempio, Oristano, Palermo, Perugia, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato, Rieti, Rome, Salerno, Sassari, Siena, South Sardinia, Viterbo).

Doing your shopping online is simple: just choose the products available and everything is delivered to your home or can be picked up directly in store. These days, due to high demand, deliveries may be a little late.

How to shop at Esselunga online

Esselunga at home is the online shopping and home delivery service of Esselunga. This supermarket chain is very popular in the North and allows you to buy basic necessities and the entire vast assortment of supermarkets with a simple click or a touch on your smartphone. Before buying products, however, it is necessary to enter the zip code of your municipality to check if you are covered by the service.

Esselunga has also made delivery free for the over 65s and there are some days of waiting for shipping because of the high demand from users, especially in Lombardy.

How to shop with Amazon Pantry

Amazon Pantry is the service for shopping online by Amazon. Thousands of products are available, from detergents and food to personal care and pet products. The service is reserved only for Amazon Prime subscribers and the cost of shipping is 4.99 euros and the minimum spend is 15 euros. Shipping is done throughout Italy.

How to shop at the Coop online

Also the Coop allows you to shop online with home delivery. The operation is similar to the other portals: you choose the products and once you have finished shopping you make the payment and enter the shipping address. The site to use, however, changes depending on the region of origin: for some areas of Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Lazio the service is offered by Easycoop, while in some areas of Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria is active the service LaSpesaCheNonPesa. To check the coverage you need to access the various websites.

How to shop at Todis online

Todis at home is the online shopping service with home delivery of the supermarket chain. Using the service is very simple: you access the website, enter your address and check if home delivery is available. If the result is positive, you can choose the store you prefer, fill the cart and decide whether to go to the store to pick it up, or to have it delivered at home.

How to shop at PAM online

To shop online at PAM you have different options depending on your area of residence. For the citizens of Milan is active Pam a Casa, the e-commerce service that in normal situations guarantees same day delivery. For orders over 50 euros there is free delivery. Those who live in Turin or Rome can order from Pan Panorama using Amazon Prime Now. For other parts of Italy, Supermercato 24 is available.

How to shop online Crai

Also Crai has a service for online shopping. Users can choose between home delivery or in-store pickup (enter your home address to check if you are covered). In addition, you can also decide the time of delivery. Once this initial phase is completed, you move on to the choice of products and payment.

How to do your shopping with home delivery

For many seniors doing their shopping online is complicated, which is why we recommend using an old method: the call. In these complicated days many local supermarkets are offering free home delivery: just call the store, say what you need, leave your phone number, name and address and the groceries are delivered to your door. A great alternative solution to online shopping.