Where to download free fonts

On the net there are many platforms on which you can find many fonts to download for free. Here are some of the best known

There are many fonts and many writing or graphics programs have a large catalog to draw from. As the vast majority of people know, fonts are nothing more than characters with the same shape, size and above all the same style.

They are divided into two main categories: serif and sans serif, i.e. fonts with or without serifs. Let's try to be more precise. The former are fonts that include "ornamental" strokes, while the latter have none. Perhaps a more concrete example will help you to understand better: Times New Romans and Bodoni belong to the fonts with graces, while Helvetica and Arial on the other hand are sticks (they are also called "clumsy" fonts). Although there are hundreds of fonts out there, software doesn't always include them all.

As a result, you need to add them. How? By downloading them from the Internet. In fact, there are many free platforms on the net where you can download fonts for free. Here are some of the most popular ones.


One of the most popular websites for downloading fonts is Dafont, where you can find a variety of fonts. Finding your favorite font is really very simple: fonts are organized into categories they belong to. Some of the fonts included in the free platform can also be used for commercial purposes. To download a set of fonts, simply log on to the site, find your favorite font and press the "Download" button.


Another good and also free online alternative for those looking for new fonts is Fontstock. The platform includes thousands of fonts, again divided into sections. To view them, simply press on "Categories". Alternatively, fonts can be located by their name, using the search bar composed of the letters of the alphabet. After finding the font, to download it just click on "Download" and that's it.

Font Squirrel

In this list we could not miss Font Squirrel, a site that offers respectable catalog of fonts to download. Fonts can be searched in several ways: from the categories at the bottom right, or from those arranged horizontally at the top of the page. In addition, users also have the possibility to add filters to make the search more targeted. Once you find the character, to download it you'll have to click on "Download". And that's not all. Font Squirrel includes a very useful tool with which you can know the name of a font by uploading its image to the site.


A tool similar to Font Squirrel's "Font Identifier" is WhatTheFont, a service offered by MyFonts (a website where fonts are paid for). Also in this case, the tool allows you to verify an unknown font by entering it in the site's database.

Google Fonts

Last but not least is Google Fonts, where you can find and preview thousands of fonts. With intuitive and very clean graphics, Mountain View's font platform is very easy to use. Fonts can be used on internet pages or downloaded directly to your PC. Fonts can be found using the site's internal search engine or by checking one of the 4 categories on the right: Serif, Sans Serif, Display, Handwriting, Monospace. In addition, you can also customize the background color of the page.