Where to find free audiobooks in Italian

On the internet you can find many platforms from which to download free audiobooks of some of the most important literary works. Here's how to do it

You are surely familiar with e-books, i.e. books where the pages are not printed, glued and held together by spines and covers, but available to be read on an electronic device. And have you also heard of audiobooks? These are literary works read by narrating voices.

Let's be clearer. A book can be enjoyed in several ways. Besides reading it before going to sleep or under the umbrella on vacation, it is also possible to "listen" to it. The manuscript, in fact, is translated into an audio file. Generally in MP3 format. There are several audiobooks and they differ, as with a "traditional" text, according to literary genre. Some are available in English and many also in Italian. Listening to an audiobook is very simple. All you need is a multimedia player or a normal smartphone: download the audio file and that's it. On the internet there are many sites where you can download audiobooks for free. Here are some of the most popular platforms.


Undoubtedly, one of the best free platforms that suits us is LiberLiber. The site hosts not only audiobooks, but many e-books. We, however, are interested in the former. The site includes a large archive of audiobooks, in which some of the most influential names in international literature are featured.

Downloading an audiobook on LiberLiber is very simple. It is sufficient, in fact, to click on the appropriate section, choose the author, locate the text and download the various chapters. That's all. If you don't want to take up space on your device's memory, you can also listen to the book in streaming. LiberLiber does not require any registration.


If you didn't like the first solution for a number of reasons, you might want to take a look at LibriVox. There are many audiobooks that you can download on this platform as well. The site presents a clear and immediate interface. The texts are divided by author, title, genre and language, including Italian. Like LiberLiber, this platform does not require any registration. Downloading audiobooks for free is really easy: just find the text and click on download.

Classici audiolibri

More than a platform from which to download a title, Classici audiolibri is above all a podcast site. It remains, however, a valid alternative, especially considering the quality of the texts offered. Moreover, the audiobooks are read aloud by some of the most famous Italian personalities. In order to listen to one of the contents of Classici audiolibri in streaming, it is sufficient to locate the book - from the search bar or from the various sections - and click on the link that leads to an external site.

Progetto Babele

Let's go back and talk again about platforms from which it is possible to download free audiobooks. A very interesting site is Progetto Babele. With extremely simple graphics, reminiscent of some of the first websites available on the Internet, Progetto Babele does not include among its texts the most important works of international literature. On the contrary, on the platform there are the works of some emerging writers. Audiobooks can be downloaded or streamed.


If you are looking for great literary works dedicated to children, Libroaudio is the best choice. The site, in fact, hosts some of the stories most appreciated by children: from Treasure Island by Stevenson, to the adventures of Tom Sawer by Twain, to Pinocchio by Collodi. Also on Libroaudio the texts can be listened to directly online or downloaded. In the latter case, just click on the arrow icon.