Where to find free PowerPoint templates

Power Point offers several templates, some are available by default, while others can also be downloaded for free from the internet

As a popular saying goes, the eye wants its part. Especially when it comes to making presentations with PowerPoint. In these cases, it is very important to take into account not only the content of the document, but also the template to be used.

Choosing an inappropriate PowerPoint template or theme risks, in most cases, to overshadow the text, compromising irreparably the outcome of the entire presentation. For example, think about the effects that a wrong template could have during an important business meeting, especially when it comes to illustrating a product or service to potential buyers. In these cases, if the slides are not right, there is a danger that the qualities of the product will be under-represented. Sometimes the opposite is also true. A good template can, in fact, highlight a text that is poor in content.

Sites where you can download new Power Point templates

Microsoft's program offers several templates, some are available by default, while others can also be downloaded for free from the internet. Here are some of the main online sites or platforms where you can find numerous PowerPoint themes and templates.


Microsoft provides its users, who are looking for new templates, with an entire section on the internet. PowerPoint templates are organized by category. To give just a few examples, there are templates for business presentations, included in "Business". , those dedicated to education and many more. To use them, just select your favorite PowerPoint template and click on download. The file will then be directly available on the Microsoft program.

Slide Carnival

Another platform where you can find more free PowerPoint templates is Slide Carnival. Here too, like Microsoft's site, the slide templates are organized by sections. There are templates for "Business" or formal presentations. You can also find slides for startups, or for situations where you need to be creative. In addition, the platform also gives the possibility to find a template by entering a keyword in the search box.

Slide Model

Slide Model stands out for the huge number of templates that you can find. We are talking about 12 thousand different templates. The platform is very easy to use and is above all immediate. To search for a PowerPoint template just go to one of the categories, located on the left side of the page, click on a template, pay and download the file. The slides, in fact, compared to those offered by previous platforms, are not free. By subscribing to Slide Model, however, you can get important reductions in the purchase price.


Elegant, creative and professional are the slides available on Behance. The templates offered by the site are mainly dedicated to artistic presentations. As in the case of Slide Model, the slides on this platform are not free and have a fairly high cost, also because some of the templates that can be downloaded include hundreds of different templates.


With simple and immediate graphics is PPTTemplate.net, a platform on which there are hundreds of templates to download for free and use on PowerPoint. The templates are divided by category and placed in sections located on the right side of the page. You can find good graphic solutions with which to build your presentations, including animated slides. To download them you need to subscribe via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.