Where to find free wallpapers for PC

To download free wallpapers for your PC you need to access secure websites that do not infect your device. Among the best: HDW and Social Wallpapering

Choosing the wallpaper for your computer is an important task, especially if for work we spend several hours in front of the screen. We can choose a picture of a place we love, or a beautiful beach to relax when we look at the desktop. But how to find free wallpapers for your PC? Wallpapers for your computer desktop are like applications, there are all kinds of them. We can find those dedicated to breathtaking landscapes, the most beautiful cities in the world, or movie stars or sports stars. In short, we'll be spoiled for choice. The first step to take to find a new wallpaper is to connect to a site that allows free downloads of PC wallpapers. There are many online, but not all are reliable. Some websites, under the guise of offering free PC wallpapers, hide misleading advertisements that can infect users' computers. When you want to download free wallpaper, you should only do it from secure sites.


On the Net one of the best is HDW. In the portal we can browse images divided into categories and also look at the most downloaded wallpapers in the last 24 hours, or in the last week. And we can also view the wallpapers recently uploaded by users. What to do when we find the image we like? Simple, to download it to your computer, all you have to do is click on its thumbnail and then on the blue Download button on the page that opens. At this point you'll have two possibilities. It is possible to be redirected to another site and once again click on the download option. Or we can open the image and click the right mouse button to choose the function Save Image As.

Social Wallpapering

If on HDW we do not find the wallpaper that suits us, another popular site is Social Wallpapering. This portal boasts hundreds of high definition images uploaded directly by users. Downloading on this site is a bit different than on HDW. To choose and download an image we will have to click on the button Browse which is located at the top left and then select the category that most interests us and finally select the wallpaper to save on our PC. Once you have opened the image with the right mouse button, open the menu to select Save Image As.


Another good alternative for those looking for wallpapers in HD is WallpapersWide. Here too we'll have a wide choice of categories (video games, sports, cinema, etc.) and we can also see the most popular and the latest uploads. If even this site doesn't suit us we can try InterfaceLIFT. It is one of the most famous wallpaper sites on the Net.

Watch the resolution

When we download a wallpaper it is possible that it will look grainy on our desktop. We should pay special attention to the resolution of our screen before applying a new image. To check the resolution of our screen on Windows 10 just right-click on the desktop. From the pop-up menu we choose the option Screen Resolution and a window will open with the data of the computer display.