Where to see Encounter, the new film from the director of Beast

The new film starring Riz Ahmed, star of The Sound of Metal and Octavia Spencer, Oscar in 2012 with The Help

Encounter is the new film directed by Michael Pearce, written by the latter and Joe Barton and is coming to streaming. Initially planned under the title Invasion, the film is expected to be a sci-fi thriller with action and adrenaline. Encounter had been announced for release in 2020, but the timeline has been extended, once again due to the pandemic.

A new Amazon Prime Video production is coming in the next few weeks ready to add to the content catalog, but there's more. With the film Encounter, the streaming platform is setting its sights on the new 2022 Oscar season. The first images of Pearce's extraordinary work capture the viewer's attention and surprise the critics. Not much is known about the plot of the film yet: everything is shrouded in mystery, as if to increase the anticipation. It will be a sci-fi thriller, a genre that finds favor with the public and perhaps, there will be a non-human threat to counter.

Encounter: the plot

A little more than sixty seconds released by the Prime platform: they give a timid taste of the film with few surprises. In Encounter is told the story of a decorated Marine who leaves for a special mission: he will have to save his two sons from a threatening event. Perhaps the challenge to be faced will be alien. The journey to save the soldier and the children will be long. In the course of the children's childhood vanishes in front of increasingly dangerous and complex situations.

Encounter: the cast

The Marine is played by British actor of Pakistani origin Riz Ahmed. Young actor who gained popularity thanks to the TV series The Night Of - What happened that night? for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe and Emmy award.

There will also be Octavia Spencer with an important role in the film. Spencer won a 2012 Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for the film The Help. Her recent work, a television miniseries is: Self-made: the life of Madam C.J. Walker currently available on Netflix.

In this series she plays the first African American woman to become a millionaire just by relying on her own strengths and character. In addition to Spencer and Ahmed are also in the cast Rory Cochrane who we recognize for the TV series 24 and for his performance in the film Argo directed by Ben Affleck, and the very young Lucian-River Chauhan and Aditya Geddada who will be the children in the film of Ahmed.

Encounter: when it comes out

The release of  Encounter is scheduled for December 2021. On the 3rd it will be available in some cinemas, but only in the United States and from December 10 streaming on Amazon Prime Video worldwide.

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