Where to watch Schitt’s Creek in Italy

The must-see comedy series arrives on streaming with the final season: where and when to watch episodes of Schitt's Creek 6

One of the best comedy series on streaming comes to an end with the arrival of the sixth and final season. Schitt's Creek and the story of the unfortunate Rose family have reached their final episodes, ready to give fans new laughs and funny sketches.

Schitt's Creek was born from the idea of father and son, Dan and Eugene Levy, who are also the lead actors, to tell what would happen to a rich family of the star system if they suddenly found themselves without money in a small provincial town. A winning idea, also thanks to the cast, which includes actress Catherine O'Hara as the wife and Anni Murphy as the socialite daughter. Schitt's Creek was among the most watched shows in 2020 during the pandemic, winning 7 Emmys in the comedy category, including best series. And 2020 at the Emmys also boasts another record: it's the first series in which all four main cast members received an award in the same year. Two Golden Globes came in 2021, and you can bet that the sixth and final season will also give fans fun and awards to its protagonists.

Schitt's Creek: the plot

The television series Schitt's Creek tells the story of the rich Rose family: Johnny Rose, a video store tycoon, his wife and former soap opera star Moira and their two children David, the hipster, and Alexis, a socialite.

Everything is going well until the family is scammed by a manager and suddenly finds themselves without money. The four of them are forced to move to a small Canadian town that Johnny had bought for fun several years earlier and abandon all the comforts of their lives.

The Roses become a perfectly ordinary family, without money and forced to live a new and simple existence in Schitt's Creek. A comedy series that focuses on the contrasts, not only between wealth and poverty, but also between different generations and between city life and that of a small town.

Schitt's Creek: cast and production

In the role of wealthy tycoon Johnny Rose is actor Eugene Levy, while his son David is played by the actor's real son, Dan Levy. His wife Moira is Catherine O'Hara, while his daughter Alexis is Annie Murphy.

The television series was written by Dan and Eugene Levy themselves, when father and son wondered how the rich families of the American star system would live if they suddenly lost all their money.

Schitt's Creek 6: where and when to see it

The sixth season of Schitt's Creek is coming with new adventures about the Rose family and will be available starting November 11 on the Infinity+ streaming platform.