Where to watch the docu-series inspired by Pope Francis’ book

Inspired by Pope Francis' book, the new 4-episode series depicts the meeting and dialogue between generations.

A year of filming and 18 stories from 5 continents: these are the numbers of Stories of a Generation with Pope Francis, the new docu-series that takes inspiration from "The Wisdom of Time" (Sharing the Wisdom of Time), the book written by Pope Francis, edited by Antonio Spadaro and published in Italy by Marsilio.

It is a choral tale focused on the third age. The elderly are the witnesses of history, of the changes that have occurred in recent decades and therefore represent a treasure to be discovered, especially for the new generations. This is the aim of the docu-series produced by Stand By Me, which sees the commitment of Simona Ercolani, award-winning producer, author and director who also relied on the editorial advice of Antonio Spadaro. The show narrates the lives and experiences, but also the dramas and joys of many well-known and lesser-known over-70s from different countries around the world.

Stories of a Generation: 18 life stories

Women and men aged 70 and over are the protagonists of Stories of a Generation. The docu-series, divided into 4 episodes, allows the audience to learn more about their stories and take inspiration from them.

All this is made even more impressive by the direct comparison between generations. In fact, the protagonists over 70 are interviewed by filmmakers under 30. The result is a choral story, where young people give voice to the elderly and become the spokespersons of their memories and their lives.

Each episode focuses on a major theme that unites humanity: love, dreams, struggle, work.

The dialogue is also joined by Antonio Spadaro and Pope Francis who, with his stories and testimonies, represents the red thread that unites all the episodes of the TV series. During the conversations, he strips himself of his institutional office to tell his human side: Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a man among men and tells his life among anecdotes and personal memories.

What the episodes are about

The first episode "Love" had its world premiere at the Rome Film Festival. Just as the title says, the theme is universal love, which is addressed by various protagonists. Among them is Oscar-winning U.S. director Martin Scorsese, who reveals some intimate aspects of his life to his daughter, director and actress Francesca Scorsese.

At his side, other popular figures talk about the subject: British ethologist and environmentalist Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute. There are also stories of lesser-known but outstanding people, such as Vito Fiorino, who rescued 47 shipwrecked people off the coast of Lampedusa in 2013, Estela Barnes de Carlotto, who founded the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo movement in Buenos Aires, and finally the couple formed by Carlos and Cristina Solis.

In the second episode entitled "Dreams" there are the scientist David Lowe, a pioneer in the denunciation of global warming; Betty Kilby who talks to the descendant of the family that held her ancestors in slavery; Danilo Mena Hernandez and Montserrat Mech├▓, a woman who at 89 loves to parachute: so far she has made more than 900 jumps and has dedicated them to her son who died in an accident.

The last two episodes are titled "Struggle" and "Work," respectively, and again, famous and not-so-famous protagonists intervene, revealing some details and insights into the theme of the episode. Stories of a Generation with Pope Francis will arrive on Netflix on December 25, 2021.