Which 4K TV to buy: tips and models

The 4K is the best standard of resolution for high definition, to buy a TV capable of delivering sharp and detailed images. You can find several models on the market, from the cheapest Smart TVs to the top of the line, with sizes from 28 to 75 inches and LED, OLED or QLED technologies. In this guide we have chosen some of the best 4K TVs on the market, selecting the most popular products from Samsung, Sony, LG and Hisense, with some useful tips to understand how to choose the right 4K TV.

Which 4K TV to buy?

A 4K Smart TV offers Ultra HD definition, a cinema standard at 3840×2160 pixels. Choosing a 4K TV is not easy, in fact you have to evaluate several aspects starting from the quality-price ratio, with cheaper models starting at about 300 euros, up to the most exclusive devices with a cost of 5/600 euros or more. Not to be underestimated is the presence of HDR technology, a dynamic system for adjusting the lighting that ensures better contrast.

Type of screen

With regard to the screen the most common solution is the LED display, characterized by excellent performance and high brightness in all environmental conditions. Alternatively, there is the evolution of OLED screens, with which it is possible to isolate blacks and reach remarkable levels of contrast, with a better result especially in darker images. Some 4K Smart TVs propose the QLED monitor, with Quantum Dot system that optimizes the color variety and ensures excellent brightness.

Screen size

An important feature is the size of the 4K TV, in fact on the market there are televisions from 28 to 75 inches. At the same time, the most balanced sizes are 43, 49 and 55 inches, as they are more balanced, have a better cost/quality ratio and are suitable for any home environment. With a larger 4K TV, it is necessary to increase the viewing distance, while with a smaller model it is difficult to find the right compromise between resolution and viewing distance.


Before buying a 4K TV, it is essential to check the connectivity, verifying the presence of HDMI ports, USB and an input to connect the Ethernet cable. Obviously, most devices propose the integrated Wi-Fi module, however, in some cases the connection via wire is more efficient. Some TVs also offer Bluetooth connectivity, which is useful for connecting other devices wirelessly, after which you need to make sure there is a tuner for digital terrestrial signal (DVBT-2) and satellite reception.

Audio and voice assistants

An important aspect in choosing the best 4K TV is the audio quality, so that the sound is immersive and enveloping. Many companies also provide compatibility with voice assistants, including Alexa and Google Assistant, while Samsung integrates Bixby to control the TV with your voice and manage Smart Home devices. Finally, it is advisable to evaluate the compatibility of streaming apps, gaming consoles and the presence of advanced remote controls for faster and more efficient control.

Best 4K 43-inch TVs

The 43-inch 4K Smart TVs are value-for-money devices suitable for any environment: here are the best models in order of price.

Hisense H43BE7000

A great 43-inch 4K LED TV is the Hisense H43BE7000 Smart TV, an energy class A device with Slim Design thin screen and Ultra HD definition with HDR10+ technology for sharp and detailed images. This model of Hisense, which can be purchased on Amazon, ensures a high contrast, with VIDAA U3.0 operating system compatible with many applications such as Netflix, Chili TV, Tim Vision and DAZN. The audio is truly immersive with the DTS Sound Studio, with full connectivity equipped with 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI inputs and headphone output, in addition to the Wi-Fi module and HEVC and DVB-T2S2 reception.

LG 43UM7400

The best 4K TV 43 inches is the LG 43UM7400 device (find out the price on Amazon), a Smart TV with IPS display and LED technology with 4K Ultra HD Active HDR definition. Of course, it's an energy class A monitor with a quad-core processor and a high-performance AI ThinQ system to process dynamic images and intense colors. The audio is enveloping with Ultra Surround, it is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, offers a viewing angle of 60° and realistic images thanks to True Color Accuracy, with HDMI, USB and Ethernet ports, Bluetooth connection and VB-T2 standard.

Samsung RU7450

One of the best 4K 43-inch TVs is the Samsung RU7450 model, a Smart TV featuring great value for money, a modern design and 4K Ultra HD resolution quality with HDR10+. It is an energy class A device with integrated Wi-Fi module, Premium Smart Remote, DVB-T2CS2 tuner, LED display and Samsung SmartThing app compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Airplay, with Bixby voice assistant pre-installed and a base or wall mount. Buy it now on Amazon.

Best 49-inch 4K TVs

The 49-inch 4K Smart TVs ensure high video quality, with sharp images and enveloping sound: discover the best models, from the cheapest to the most exclusive.

Samsung Q60

The best 49-inch 4K TV is the Samsung Q60, a latest generation device with QLED display, Ultra HD 4K resolution, Wi-Fi module and energy class A. This Smart TV, offered on Amazon at a competitive price, provides perfect shades with Quantum HDR technology, with Quantum 4K processor and support for upscaling, power saving function in standby and super realistic colors thanks to the Quantum Dot system with 100% color volume. You can also control the TV with voice and Bixby voice commands, or connect it to the Smart Hub to manage your home via the One Remote Control.

LG 49SM8500

The LG NanoCell 49SM8500 is undoubtedly one of the best 49-inch 4K TVs on the market, perfect for those who want to watch movies and TV series with cinematic video quality. The Smart TV features built-in Alexa for managing commands with your voice, is an energy class A device and delivers 4K Ultra HD resolution with Cinema HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Inside is an A7 processor with AI Deep Learning system, with Nano Color technology for maximum color definition. The bezel is ultra-thin, there is DVB-T2 tuner, Bluetooth 5.0, USB and HDMI ports. Buy this LG TV on Amazon.

Samsung Q64R

The best 49-inch TV on the market in 2020 is the Samsung Q64R, a sleek and stylish Smart TV with Ultra HD 4K resolution and QLED display, with energy class A and Wi-Fi module. The Quantum Dot system offers 100% volume in color, with Quantum HDR technology adjusting the lighting every frame, while Quantum Dimming ensures high contrast for detailed, deep images. The connectivity of this Samsung TV (you can find it here on Amazon) features 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and an Ethernet input, it also integrates the Bixby voice assistant, has the Environment Mode function for energy saving and two speakers.

Best 55-inch 4K TVs

The 55-inch 4K Smart TVs guarantee high performance, realistic images and a more balanced proportion with more features: here are the best 2020 proposals.

Samsung UE55RU7172

The best entry-level 55-inch 4K TV is the Samsung UE55RU7172, an energy class A model, with 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR10+ technology (buy it on Amazon). This Smart TV has Bluetooth connectivity to also connect wireless headphones, Screen Mirroring functionality to sync your Samsung smartphone, and truly immersive audio with deep, powerful bass. There is also a handy remote control with preconfigured buttons for Netflix and Amazon, with a tuner for digital terrestrial signal.

Hisense H55BE7200

A modern and efficient TV is the Hisense H55BE7200 4K Smart TV, a device with automatic brightness adjustment via HDR10+ technology, LED display and Ultra HD definition. Available on Amazon, the Hisense features the VIDAA U3.0 AI operating system, compatible with lots of apps like Netflix, DAZN and Prime Video, with connectivity that includes 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports, headphone output, Wi-Fi module and a tuner for DVB-T2S2 signal. You can also connect the monitor to PS4and Xbox One consoles, with the RemoteNOW app allowing you to use your smartphone as a remote control.

Sony KD-55XG8096

The best 55-inch 4K TV of 2020 is the Sony KD-55XG8096, an advanced model of Smart TV LED with Ultra HD definition and HDR with X-Reality PRO system. It is an Android TV device, compatible with Alexa to manage the Smart Home with voice commands via Voice Remote technology. The audio is enveloping and deep thanks to the ClearAudio+ system, it has 3 USB ports and integrates the tuner for digital terrestrial 2 and TV SAT 2 signals. The design is thin and elegant, with the possibility of wall or stand installation, it does not lack Bluetooth connectivity, Ethernet input and HDMI ports. Buy the Sony 4K Smart TV on Amazon.