Which apps to download to learn how to draw

In this article on Libero Tecnologia we will recommend the best apps to download to learn how to draw.

Many fans of illustration, painting or comics in the age of technology have thought at least once to apply their desire to express themselves to the digital media available today. There are so many drawing apps available today for those who want to try their hand at these arts, allowing you to explore new and different shades of your creativity or helping you take your first steps on the path and learn to draw flawlessly. Let's discover together the best apps dedicated to pencils and brushes to turn your passion into a digital one: paid or free, designed for smartphones or tablets, the choice is really endless.

Apps for learning to draw

Many people would like to approach the world of drawing, but don't know where to start and don't have the right notions to do so. The web comes to the rescue by offering drawing learning apps such as How to Draw - Easy Lessons, provided by the company ArtelPlus.

The app also allows novice drawers to experiment with about 70 different drawing types, and learn step by step how to paint animals, human figures, and more.

Free Drawing Apps

To dabble in digital drawing, there are many applications to download that allow you to paint with different techniques simply by using your finger or a stylus as a brush and the screens of tablets and smartphones as a modern canvas. Many of them are free and can be downloaded to Android, iPad and iPhone: despite being free, they are very powerful and come with a wide range of drawing tools.

Among the best free drawing apps, one of the most popular is Bamboo Paper, from Wacom, the company that makes the famous graphics tablets. The app is intuitive and easy to use, and allows you to create sketches and drawings of all kinds, with a wide range of strokes, markers, virtual pens and types of paper.

The Paper app, on the other hand, available only for iOS, is also free but has a more complete paid version. Within the suite you can have fun with different types of pencils, brushes for watercolor painting, highlighters and endless other ways of painting, whose limit is only creativity. Learning to draw with these apps is really very easy and once you start letting your imagination run wild it's hard to stop.

Professional Drawing Apps

There are drawing apps that are really inclusive of every tool that painting professionals want, digital or otherwise. Among the solutions for professional drawing is Infinite Painter, a perfect app for drawing on smartphones and tablets, with a free and a paid version. With the help of layers, filters and the finest painting and drawing tools, it allows you to create real works of art.

Easy to use but high-level, it's ideal as an app for drawing on iPads or Android tablets, to take advantage of the width of their screens, but it's also great for painting on smartphones. Advanced brushes, the option to create 3D drawings and compatibility with Adobe Photoshop make it an app for real experts, but its ease of use also makes it an excellent tool for those who want to learn to draw from a quality platform.

Another truly professional app for drawing digitally is SketchBook Pro, available for free on both Android and iOS. Made by Autodesk, it offers expert users all kinds of brushes, airbrushes, layers and levels, markers, pencils with any type of stroke desired and an infinite choice of accessories. It is possible to import and export Photoshop files and devote oneself body and soul to the creation of quality pieces of art. Excellent alternatives are apps like Clover Paint or ArtFlow, true havens for modern digital artists.

Drawing apps for kids

For the world of children, app makers have come up with greatly simplified versions of the complex painting suites listed so far. Among the most popular toddler-friendly options is Draw Something, the well-known game in which you have to draw objects and words to make them guess, a perfect way to stimulate creativity and the ability to translate reality into sketches and drawings. Also Oh! The magic drawing app is also very popular with young artists, ideal for projects that introduce them to the world of digital drawing.

Technical drawing tools

For those looking for applications that support vector graphics, Infinite Design is a professional vector app dedicated to the Android universe. It features symmetry tools, infinite mode and special effects to bring even the most complicated realities to life.

For those who want to learn and practice technical drawing, check out software like LibreCAD, a free licensed program that runs on Windows, MacOS or Linux computers. It can be used for drawing mechanical parts, 2D architectural engineering drawings, interior design and other creative projects. The universe of drawing tools and apps is truly endless. The only rule? Free your imagination.