Which channels can you see with Tivùsat

The Tivùsat platform hosts 117 channels, almost half of which are in HD resolution and seven in 4K. Here's what they are

Tivùsat is the satellite platform created to replace digital terrestrial in areas where the signal does not arrive. The digital terrestrial, in fact, does not cover the entire country: the most inaccessible areas and where the number of inhabitants does not allow an investment for the construction of antennas are left out of the coverage. Tivùsat, on the other hand, works with satellite: all you need is a dish positioned on the Eutelsat 13° East satellite and a decoder to transmit the channels to your television set.

Many people are unaware of Tivùsat, convinced that digital terrestrial is the only way to watch the channels of RAI, Mediaset, La 7, just to say the most famous ones. In reality, Tivùsat offers a better service than digital terrestrial: many channels are available in HD resolution and seven channels with 4K resolution. Logically there are all the most important channels: Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3, Rete 4, Canale 5, Italia 1 and La 7. In total there are 117 channels available on Tivùsat, plus another 45 radio channels. Here's everything you need to know about Tivùsat.

How to watch Tivùsat

Those who think that to watch Tivùsat it is necessary to spend a lot of money to make the installation are wrong: all you need is a dish (you can also use the one used for Sky or Tele+), a decoder and a free card. The installation of the equipment and the activation of the card takes little more than thirty minutes, the same time it takes to install Sky.

The important thing is to position the dish on the satellite Eutelsat 13° East, use a decoder that supports Tivùsat and buy a card of the satellite platform. In alternativa al decoder si può usare una CAM, ma solo nel caso in cui il TV abbia l’uscita adatta. Ricordiamo che Tivùsat è gratuito e non prevede il pagamento di nessun abbonamento.

Quali canali sono disponibili su Tivùsat

Su Tivùsat sono disponibili in totale 117 canali, di cui 52 HD e 7 in risoluzione 4K. I canali radiofonici, invece, sono 45 e si possono ascoltare dal canali 601 in poi.

Tra i canali televisivi sono presenti tutti quelli più importanti, a partire da Rai 1, Rai2, Rai 3, i canali Mediaset, La 7 e quelli del gruppo Discovery. Ecco una lista non esaustiva dei canali disponibili su Tivùsat.

Canali Tivusat 4K

  • Rai 4k
  • Eutelsat 4K1
  • Fashion TV
  • Nasa UHD
  • Museum
  • My Zen 4K
  • Travelxp 4K

Canali Tivùsat HD

  • Rai 1 HD
  • Rai 2 HD
  • Rai 3 HD
  • Rete 4 HD
  • Canale 5 HD
  • Italia Uno HD
  • Nove HD
  • Rai 4 HD
  • Rai 5 HD
  • Rai Movie HD
  • Rai Premium HD
  • Canale 20 HD
  • RaiSport+ HD
  • RaiStoria HD
  • RaiNews 24 HD
  • Dmax Hd
  • Supertennis
  • Real Time HD

Canali Tivùsat

  • Rai 1
  • Rai 2
  • Rai 3
  • Rete 4
  • Canale 5
  • Italia Uno
  • La 7
  • Tv 8
  • Nove
  • Rai 4
  • Iris
  • La 5
  • Rai 5
  • Rai Movie
  • Rai Premium
  • Italia 2
  • Mediaset Extra
  • TV 2000
  • Cielo
  • Canale 20
  • RaiSport
  • Paramount
  • La 7d
  • Cine 34
  • Top Crime
  • RaiGulp
  • Rai YoYo
  • K2
  • Super
  • Focus
  • Bloomberg
  • CCTV 4
  • Parole di vita
  • Videolina
  • TVA Vicenza

Canali radiofonici

  • RaiRadio 1
  • RaiRadio 2
  • RaiRadio 3
  • Raid Gr Parlamento
  • Rai Radio Classica
  • Rai Radio Kids
  • Rai Radio Live
  • RDS
  • Dimensione Suono Roma
  • RTL
  • Radio Zeta
  • Radio Freccia
  • Radio 105
  • Virgin Radio
  • R101
  • Radio Monte CArlo
  • Radio Italia
  • M2O
  • Radio CApital
  • Radio Deejay
  • Radio 24
  • Radio popolare
  • Radio 1 Sport
  • Radio 2 indie
  • Radio Kiss Kiss
  • Radio Sportiva