Which electric scooter to buy

Which electric scooter to buy? What are the prices of e-scooters? Here's a buying guide with the best scooters of the moment

Electric scooters, sometimes also called e-scooters, are the most common means of sustainable and electric mobility in our cities, along with pedal assisted bicycles. They are very useful especially to move within the city (being equated to velocipedes can also be used on the road, respecting the speed limit of 25 kilometers per hour), and to reach the workplace. In recent years they have become a viable alternative to public transport, which is increasingly crowded and that accumulate delay standing still in traffic.

The electric scooters are perfect for short trips and not too difficult. The tires are limited in size and the power of the engine can not overcome the most difficult slopes, inside the city, however, are ideal. Maneuverable, lightweight, they allow you to move nimbly in traffic or on the bike path. The market for scooters is growing rapidly, as well as models presented by various companies. Many people wonder what is the best scooter? What are the characteristics that a good e- scooter must have?

How to choose the scooter to buy

How should the perfect scooter be? What are the features you need to consider when buying a scooter? Let's start by debunking a myth: if you need to use your scooter only to get around the city, don't care too much about the power of the engine. The reason is quite clear: the scooter cannot exceed 25 kilometers per hour and therefore the engine is only needed to accelerate and reach the maximum speed. At most a good torque can be useful to get to 25km/h immediately.

Much more important to have a battery with a very good autonomy. The bigger the battery, the more miles you will be able to travel. Usually the autonomy is around 30-40 kilometers and a lot depends on the route you face.

Another feature to consider is the type of wheels (solid, inner tube, silicone rubber) and the quality of materials. The scooter must be durable enough to withstand the shocks of a bumpy track and stable when you take the potholes.

To choose the scooter to buy in the first place you have to think about the use you have to do. Is it just for getting around town? Is the road surface uneven? Are there climbs to be faced? There is no best scooter ever, but only the one that best suits your needs. Here are the best scooters on the market right now.

Xiaomi M365 PRO

Xiaomi, as we have already talked about in this other article, has also conquered the electric scooter market using the same philosophy as always: low prices and great value for money. The Xiaomi M365 Pro is one of the best e-scooters on the market, ideal for use in the city and for long-distance stretches. The maximum speed is 25 kilometers per hour (the maximum allowed by law) and the autonomy exceeds 40 kilometers.

Optimal road holding thanks to fairly large tires and the presence of shock absorbers, especially essential in the "jungle" city. The braking system is composed of a disc brake and a regenerative one that recovers energy during braking and transforms it into extra charge for the battery. A plus of the Xiaomi scooters is the app for the smartphone that allows you to manage many small features of the vehicle, starting with the activation of cruise control. As for the price (the scooter can be purchased on Amazon), at just over 450 euros.

Xiaomi M365

As you can guess, the Xiaomi M365 scooter is the "lite" version of the one just described. Compared to its big brother, it has a few less features, but also a lower price and affordable for everyone. Fairly robust structure and easy to drive, the e-scooter does not have the display on the handlebars that indicates the speed of travel, but it is still easy to guess how far you are going. The battery range is about 30 kilometers, but it varies depending on several factors. You can buy it at a price of about 350 euros.

Ninebot ES2

As we have seen, the Ninebot Segway is a guarantee in the field of electric scooters and one of Xiaomi's biggest competitors. The Ninebot ES2, which can be purchased on Amazon, is a mid-range electric scooter, suitable especially for city use. The drivability is excellent, thanks to a frame that knows how to be "soft" and resistant at the same time. The wheels are amortized and therefore able to absorb the many small or large potholes present on Italian roads. The wheels are full, that is, there is no inner tube and ensure a longer duration. The autonomy of the battery is about 25 kilometers. The price of the Ninebot Segway ES2 is just under 400 euros.

Ninebot Max G30 

If you are looking for a true top of the line scooter, the Ninebot Max G30 is the one for you. It provides maximum stability thanks to a very sturdy frame that makes it weigh up to 18 kilograms. The footrest is slightly larger, allowing you to better maneuver through city traffic. The 10-inch wheels are cushioned, puncture-proof (they are "full") and allow you to overcome even the steepest slopes. The braking system has a regenerative system that allows you to power the battery that still provides an autonomy of more than 40 kilometers. From the app it is possible to manage all the functions of the e-scooter, including the anti-theft system and the vehicle diagnostics. The quality you know, you pay, and the price of the Ninbot Mac G30 (available on Amazon) is just under 700 euros.

Razor E300

Those looking for a low-cost electric scooter, with a price below 350 euros, can turn their attentions to the Razor E300, an e-scooter with interesting features. The materials are of good quality and ensure a decent road holding, especially in the city. The battery ensures 25-30 kilometers of autonomy that varies depending on many external factors. It can be purchased on Amazon.

E-Twow Booster V (S2)

Direct competitor of the Ninebot Max G30, the E-Twow Booster V (S2) is an electric scooter very powerful and able to "hold" the road very naturally. It has on its side a lower weight that also makes it maneuverable. The wheels are eight inches and are cushioned and do not suffer too much jolts and changes of direction. The autonomy is about 40 kilometers and there is a regenerative system during braking. The cost is quite high: it is around 700-800 euros.


Do you love hiking on rough trails? Then the electric scooter for you is the BEEPER FX1000. This is an e-scooter with larger wheels and able to overcome even the steepest slopes. The 1000W motor is not afraid to overcome obstacles, although this limits its range, which is only 25-30 kilometers. The scooter also has a seat that can be folded down if necessary to fold it in two. The cost of the off-road electric scooter is just under 600 euros and can also be purchased on Amazon.