Which Facebook apps have access to your data

To use certain apps and games within Facebook, we are required to give them our personal information. Exposing us to dangers

How long have you been a Facebook member? Six, seven, ten years? In this period of time you have surely experienced first hand the many changes that have occurred to the social platform, both in terms of graphics and functionality.

Until a couple of years ago, the applications within Facebook were very popular. An example? All those quizzes that provided an answer to questions such as "What player in Serie A are you?", "What movie character are you?", "Who were you in the past?". Applications widely used until a couple of years ago, but that in recent times have lost appeal. Many, however, forget one key thing: these applications required access to our personal information in order to work. And even if we don't use them, we're still sharing our Facebook data with them, which most of the time matches personal information.

What to do? Delete the Facebook account so we can be sure no one is reselling our information to third parties? Of course not. Facebook gives us the opportunity to strip applications we no longer use of the permissions granted in years past. The process is really very simple and it only takes five minutes to get your Facebook data back. Here's how to find out which Facebook apps have access to your data.

How to block Facebook game permissions

The first thing you have to do to get back in possession of your Facebook data is to take your smartphone in your hand and launch the social network application.

At this point, if you have an Android smartphone, you have to press on the icon with three vertical lines in the top left corner and scroll down until you meet the "Account Settings" item. Once inside this section you have to press on Apps and then on "Sign in with Facebook". This will open a list of all the apps and websites with which we have shared our personal Facebook data. On iOS the procedure is very similar: after entering inside the app menu, you have to press on "Settings" and then on "Account Settings". At this point you will have to tap on Apps and then on "Login with Facebook" and we will have before our eyes the same list shown on Android smartphones. From this point on, the steps to follow are identical on both Android smartphones and iPhone.

Once you have the list of applications you'll have to analyze it to see which ones you no longer use. Once you've identified them, you'll have to press on them to see what data is being shared. If you think they are useless, you can scroll down and press the "Remove application" button, in this way you'll be sure that they will no longer have access to your personal data.

When you have completed this step, you'll have to go back to the "Apps" section to disable another setting that is very important for your privacy: Apps used by others. This is a feature that allows apps, games and websites used by our friends to come into possession of our personal data. To deactivate it, just click on "Apps used by others" and remove all the ticks from the list that will be shown on the smartphone.

As we have seen, these are very simple steps to take with your smartphone, but they allow you to "save" our personal data on Facebook.