Which phone operators automatically block paid services

Some phone operators automatically block the activation of subscription services: here are the ones that do

At least once you will have received a text message of a paid service activated without your consent, which scales the credit from your phone. To avoid unpleasant situations, Adiconsum has asked phone operators to block them automatically.

In general, any user can ask their phone operator to block on their phone number the activation of these paid services. Operators such as Iliad, Ho and Very Mobile have set the default blocking of VAS for their customers. A measure that is also under consideration by other operators such as WindTre and that has been applauded by the consumer association. Some operators have already decided to block them automatically, while for others the deactivation is voluntary and it is necessary to follow a rather simple procedure. Here's how to do it.

VAS, what are paid services

VAS, Valued Added Service, are subscription services that often users find themselves activated with the charge of unwanted costs and expenses. A real nightmare, since the activation happens quickly after clicking on a link or an advertising banner, and in a rather fraudulent way. The unlucky user finds himself paying for unsolicited services with a tap, with the remaining credit on the SIM being drained. Deactivating them is not an easy affair, as well as recovering the money, but to avoid falling into deception it is possible to activate the option of your telephone operator that blocks these overpriced services. Alternatively, after many consumer complaints, several phone operators have taken action to block VAS by default.

Iliad, automatic block paid services

Among the first phone operators to block paid services by default was Iliad. In fact, the company has set up a VAS block for its customers, which is automatically entered in the user's Personal Area. The default settings can then be changed, in case the user wants to activate one he has to go to his Personal Area, enable activation and then proceed to the desired subscription.

ho.mobile, automatic blocking of paid services

Another phone operator that automatically blocks VAS is ho.mobile. The phone operator blocks by default all services that risk sucking its customer's credit, and warns that these include messages from the bank that may have a surcharge. To unblock activation, simply go to the Personal Area, both on the ho.mobile website and app, click on "My offer" and disable "Block calls, data and SMS".

Very Mobile, automatic blocking of VAS

Very Mobile also blocks value-added services when it activates a new user, but reminds customers that some paid numbers considered useful services, such as ticketing or infobanking, remain unblocked. In particular, Very blocks most of the VAS, all numbers starting with 48 and 47. In order to activate these services, the user will have to re-enable the option from his Personal Area.

WindTre towards automatic blocking of VAS

Also WindTre is ready to activate the automatic blocking of VAS, so that its customers or new users do not find themselves at risk of unwanted payments. At the moment there is nothing official yet, but the rumour has been going around for a few weeks now. For the moment, paid services are deactivated only upon explicit request of the user via the Personal Area or by calling customer service at 159. In addition, Wind offers the possibility to deactivate subscription services by sending an SMS with the text "STOP" to 48048 for SMS info services or 48005 for MMS info services. Alternatively, by calling the AGCOM toll-free number 800.44.22.99.

Tim, how to disable paid services

The telephone operator TIM does not provide for an automatic block of paid services, but the user must make an explicit request. Deactivation can be carried out in various ways. By sending a free SMS to 119 with the words "deactivation of VAS services", by calling 119 and talking to an operator, or from the MyTim customer area in the Services Line section or from the MyTim app. Deactivation by calling AGCOM's Single CSP Call Center toll-free at 800.44.22.99 also remains valid.

Vodafone, how to disable VAS

Vodafone provides its customers with several channels to disable VAS services, in addition to calling AGCOM's toll-free number 800.44.22.99. The blocking of paid services can be done through the MyVodafone app, through the Do It Yourself area of the website or even by calling customer support at 190.

PosteMobile, how to disable paid services

In addition to the AGCOM number 800.44.22.99, PosteMobile customers can request the blocking of paid services by sending a pre-printed form to be filled out to PO Box 3000, 37138 Verona or email [email protected]. They will also be able to deactivate any activated services by calling the assistance center of the telephone operator at the number 160.