Which videogame to install on your Mac? Here is the complete guide

Until a few years ago, owners of a Mac computer were cut off from the world of video games: no software house ventured into the development of titles dedicated exclusively to Apple users.

Because of the change in architecture and the switch to Intel processors, it's much easier for companies to develop games for the Mac. Although the number of games is not comparable with those available for the Windows platform, macOS offers fans of the gaming world a good amount of titles to devote a couple of hours of their lives to. Nothing is missing, from the First Person Shooter dedicated to action lovers to the online multiplayer where you can relieve the stress accumulated at work. If you're looking for a game to install on your Mac, here's the complete list you've been looking for.

Where to download games for Mac

Before delving into the magical world of video games developed for the Apple operating system, you need to understand where to buy games. There are two platforms that are the most popular: the first is the Mac App Store, and the second is Steam, which over time has managed to enter the hearts of users and become one of the main hubs where you can buy games at a fairly reasonable price.

If you want to buy a game on the Mac App Store, just launch the application and select the Games category: a screen will appear with all the free and paid games that you can install on your personal computer. While if you have an account on Steam, you must choose the category Mac OS to see what games are available on the platform dedicated to the world of gaming. In order to purchase the game, you must put it in your cart and make the payment. Once the operation is finished, it will be possible to install the game on your Mac.


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Let's start immediately with a title of those defined as high-budget: XCOM 2 is a turn-based strategic video game launched in the first months of 2016 and developed by the software house Firaxis Games with the support of 2K Games. The video game is really very challenging, players will have to choose their game strategy in the best possible way to be able to reconquer the Earth after the alien invasion. A video game that has not only met with critical acclaim, but also that of the players who immediately immersed themselves in the fantastic world of XCOM 2 to complete their main mission: to take down ADVENT and reconquer planet Earth. For those who want to make the most of the power of their Mac, XCOM 2 is one of the best video games available for the Apple platform.


Don't be "fooled" by appearances, Undertale is the classic game that is not judged by its cover. The graphics are definitely not the detail that makes Undertale stand out the most, far from it. But at the same time it's one of the features that makes you love it: developed with 2D graphics that bring to mind old video games of Nintendo consoles from the late '80s, early '90s, gamers will be engaged in a grueling adventure in the shoes of a child and explore an underground world in search of the way out. At various points in the story, the video game's characters will attempt to interact directly with the player, breaking down what theorists call the fourth wall. Per scoprire come evolverà la storia, non vi resta che spendere sette sterline su Steam e iniziare la vostra avventura con Undertale.

Homeworld Remastered

Uno dei capolavori di fine anni ’90 è stato rimasterizzato e ripresentato al grande pubblico da pochi anni: Homeworld Remastered è dedicato a tutti i nostalgici dei giochi di ruolo in tempo reale con ambientazione fantascientifica. Considerato uno dei migliori cento videogame di sempre, Homeworld vedrà impegnati i giocatori in guerre spaziali all’ultimo proiettile, ma sempre con un occhio di riguardo alla tattica da seguire: i nemici sono sempre pronti all’agguato. Disponibile sul Mac App Store può essere acquistato per una cifra vicino ai trenta euro.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic



Despite being a video game from the early 2000s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has remained in the hearts of fans of the series thanks to and according to many is one of the best Star Wars games ever developed.  The game is an RPG (Role Playing Game) set in the Star Wars universe and will see the gamer engaged in various fights to complete the various missions of the video game. The combat system is turn-based and it is necessary to set the best tactics to win the battle.


A very particular environment for a puzzle-platform game developed in 2D by an independent Danish software house. The video game will force the user to solve a series of puzzles in order to accomplish his mission: to find his older sister. The solution of the puzzles is never the most obvious, on the contrary. Most of the time, the player will be forced to start over in the hope of not seeing the protagonist of Limbo die once again.

Alien: Isolation - The Collection

There aren't many Mac games with a horror setting, but the few available are all of great quality. Lovers of the genre can't miss having Alien: Isolation - The Collection on their computers, a video game that features the same characters from the movie and allows players to have a truly scary horror experience. A game that is definitely not for the faint of heart.


Super Mario lovers will be able to find in Braid the colorful environments of the fantastic world of the Italian plumber. The video game is a platform game with levels where the player has to get to the end of the mission by defeating the various opponents he encounters along the way.

Doom 3

It is difficult to make a ranking of the best Mac games, each player has his own tastes and favorite genres, but it is almost impossible that in the list of the best video games for the Apple operating system is not present Doom 3. Although the fourth chapter has just been released, Doom 3 has truly marked an era: a First Person Shooter that casts the gamer in a world infested with ferocious beasts ready to do anything just to devour every single part of your body. Rampant races, dozens and dozens of bullets wasted in the hope of shooting down all the opponents who are in front of you. The best news, however, concerns the price, it can be purchased on Steam at a price of less than five euros.

Life is Strange

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One of the most unique video games available for Mac is definitely Life is Strange, an episodic game that has been quite successful. The game is made up of five episodes that were released seven weeks apart. The software house has done a great job especially in terms of characterization of the characters, each protagonist is well recognizable and the story unfolds perfectly within the various episodes of Life is Strange. The main character is Maxine Caulfield, a photographer with the ability to rewind time and who must come to terms with her own ability. A video game that goes far beyond the simple gameplay, a game that is a real life lesson and that touches on delicate and important issues in the lives of millions of teenagers.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

As with some of the games on this list, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery certainly doesn't impress with its gameplay, a puzzle game that is certainly a lot of fun but with few innovations, but that focuses on the setting. The game features dreamlike landscapes, as if you were daydreaming. As for the video game, the dialogues between the characters, which are very entertaining, and the few boss battles are worth mentioning.

Cities: Skyline

Lacking the latest versions of Sim City, Apple users will have to settle for Cities: Skyline, to build their dream city. The video game is definitely the best managerial game available on the Mac and offers maximum freedom to the player. Infatti, l’appasionat potrà sviluppare la città come meglio vuole: strade, ponti, infrastrutture, abitazioni, raccolta differenziata, tutto ciò che ruota intorno alla costruzione di una città potrà essere gestito dal giocatore.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Se siete alla ricerca di Grand Theft Auto per Mac rimarrete delusi: nonostante sia stato più e più volte annunciato, Rockstar Games non ha mai accontentato gli utenti Apple. Per gli appassionati del genere, però, è disponibile sul Mac App Store Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, videogame che offre la massima libertà ai gamer di girovagare per l’intera città, infrangendo la legge e portando a termine le missioni assegnate.

Human Resource Machine


Human Resource Machine

Human Resource Machine è una parodia sul mondo dei programmatori. Sviluppato con una grafica molto particolare, il videogame vuole evidenziare la difficile situazione che ogni sviluppatore deve vivere durante la giornata lavorativa. Il genere scelto dalla software house è il puzzle-game, infatti i gamer saranno chiamati a risolvere piccoli quiz per andare avanti nel videogame e terminare tutte le missioni.

Kingdom: New Lands

Riuscirà il nostro re a costruire il proprio castello e a reclutare nuovi sudditi per aumentare la popolazione del suo regno? Questa è la sfida che i gamer dovranno portare avanti in Kingdom: New Lands, videogame sviluppato in 2D che permetterà agli appassionati di vivere un’esperienza in stile Civilization. Il videogame è perfetto per i computer Apple con qualche anno sulle spalle: la sua grafica minimal permette a Kingdom: New Lands di girare su qualsiasi computer senza nessun problema.

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