Who is Chris Dancy, the world’s most connected cybernetic man

Considered one of the most influential visionaries, Dancy claims that the amount of information captured by wearables and smartphones will one day improve lives

If there is one person who knows better than others what it means to be connected today, it is Chris Dancy, a man who has lived for years surrounded by technology. A choice that has earned Chris Dancy the nickname "The Most Connected Man on Earth."

Chris Dancy has made headlines for starting to track every minute movement of his existence, wearing numerous wearables and various sensors. Dancy claims that the data he's collected has helped him understand many things about his life. In particular, they have allowed him to understand how to improve it. According to the visionary's predictions, in the future, technology should serve to prevent many diseases. A theory that bases its foundations around the stratospheric amount of information that today all mobile devices are able to collect on people's habits and behaviors. And in most cases we don't even know it.

The 700-sensor man

(Taken from YouTube)

A nickname, you might say, earned in the field. Chris Dancy, in fact, uses 700 sensors, devices, applications and other tools to track, record and analyze data of various kinds. In this way, Dancy obtains information that would otherwise be "invisible" to the "naked eye" and is able to apply corrective measures to improve his quality of life, both from a physical and a psychological point of view.

Prevention is better than cure

For Dancy, we should pay more attention to this data and use it to optimize our well-being. The visionary gives the example of pedometer apps that should use a less anxious and more proactive approach. The information collected can help us understand how much time we spend on sports, how many times we go to a restaurant. Or what we eat. Data that if evaluated critically can improve our lifestyle. Dancy makes predictions about the future of medicine that will depend mostly on prevention. And wearables will play a major role, in part because, according to "The Most Connected Man on Earth," these devices will become increasingly less expensive and smaller.

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