Who is Plintron, the new mobile operator arriving in March 2019

Low-cost rates and 4G connection on Vodafone networks, here's how Plintron works the new virtual operator that will arrive in Italy in 2019

After the launch of Iliad and Ho.Mobile, which with their low-cost offers have partly revolutionized the mobile market, Italy is preparing for the arrival of a new operator, Plintron. This is a multinational company, already active in various parts of the world, which recently obtained the Full MVNO license from the Ministry of Economic Development and is expected to land in our country in March 2019.

The Singapore-based company, as mentioned, is already active in many countries around the world and has more than 100 million active lines in Europe alone. Plintron has already made it known that starting March 18, 2019, it will be possible to do a number portability on Plintron SIM card. The prefix of this new telephone operator in Italy will be 376. In theory Plintron arrives in Italy as a virtual operator, that is, taking advantage of the Network and infrastructure of another operator (in this case Vodafone), but in reality it will be much more and that is an MVNE, that is an Enabler.

Plintron: low-cost rates in 4G

Plintron is a virtual operator in Italy because it will rely on Vodafone networks, at least initially. The guaranteed connection is 4G. Most likely the new phone company will arrive on the Italian market with very affordable monthly offers. A little 'because it arrives in a market at the moment quite saturated and a little 'because traditionally the rate plans of Plintron are very low-cost. However, the company has not yet released the reserves on the monthly plans reserved for Italy and the costs of SIM activation.

Plintron is also an MVNE

In spite of being a virtual operator in Italy Plintron will arrive with the intent to act also as an Enabler, that is to provide its line to other telephone operators. In practice it will be in full competition with two MVNEs such as Nòverca (which provides services to Kena Mobile) and Effortel (which provides them to 1Mobile and Erg Mobile among others). In practice the idea of Plintron is to provide its 4G licenses to all those virtual operators in Italy that at the moment are not equipped with this connectivity technology. The Asian multinational will therefore land in Italy in March 2019 with a double objective: to collect as many customers as possible with low-cost offers and to attract in its network the small virtual operators that still have connection services only in 3G.