Who is Ugo, the new star of Instagram

On Instagram many people have started commenting on photos of famous people by writing "Ugo". What is this all about?

Why on Instagram is everyone commenting by writing Ugo? If you haven't been following the latest evolutions of Facebook's photo-based social network, you've probably been wondering about it for a while: 2018 ended under the sign of Ugo and in these early days of 2019 this name still appears in many comments, especially on the posts of VIPs, more or less famous people, politicians and influencers.

To launch this game, because that's what it is, was Blurs7. Who is Blurs7? Behind this pseudonym is Gianmarco Tocco, Italian youtuber with 101 thousand subscribers on his channel and 595 thousand followers on Instagram. Tocco's YouTube channel is dedicated to Kingdom Hearts, a video game saga produced by Square Enix and Disney. Gianmarco Tocco simply wrote on Instagram to his followers, "Guys, let's leave a mark in 2018 for the last time. Comment Ugo to anyone, let's make a coup on Instagram."

Ugo, the new Instagram catchphrase

The appeal was heard and thousands of people started commenting "Ugo" on anyone's posts. As it often happens with viral trends on the web, the game was self-powered: many people started commenting on "Ugo" simply because everyone was doing it and some were curious and discovered the youtuber's profile thanks to this game, increasing the list of followers. Many VIPs simply ignored the proliferation of Ugo in the comments to their posts, others did not like it and one, the former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, published a message written on a piece of paper with the words "Last year Gino! This year Ugo! And what will you come up with next? Best wishes (also to... Ugo)", while the text of the post reads "The #31december is now becoming a tradition! As they say in Florence: guys, pull yourself together. And best wishes to all, especially to UGO".

Renzi's insult is not accidental, because it is not the first time that Blurs7 does something like this, with these results. Exactly one year earlier, on December 31, 2017, he had invited his followers to comment with "Gino". Even then, the reaction of Gianmarco Tocco's fans was immediate and hundreds of profiles were invaded by comments that were all the same and seemingly meaningless. What changes, compared to last year, is the number of followers of Blurs7 that has grown a lot thanks