Why all the kids are going crazy for Among Us

The success of Among Us shows no sign of stopping: it's still the online game app of choice for kids, and many gamers are starting to appreciate it.

It's one of the most popular video games among kids, so much so that it even earned the title of Best Mobile Game 2020. This is Among Us, a game that appeared on online platforms two years ago but only recently made the headlines, thanks to the wave of consensus collected by the colorful avatars that appear during the course of the games.

Developed by the American production company Innersloth, this online multiplayer video game was released for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems during the month of June 2018; Windows users, however, had to wait until November of the same year to try the experience offered by Among Us. It is instead more recent the release of the title for Nintendo Switch, dated December 2020; this is not destined to remain the only game console, however, since during the course of 2021 versions for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S are expected to arrive, increasing the potential number of players who every day come across the puzzles that have made the game popular. But how does it play and to what does it owe its popularity?

Among Us, how the game works

The gameplay of Among Us is simple but particularly interesting. At the center are two categories of characters, astronauts and impostors. The task of the former is to unmask the impostors during the assigned tasks on the map, avoiding their sabotage; the latter, on the other hand, have as their primary objective to eliminate the astronauts, all without being discovered and before the completion of all tasks.

Among Us, why so much popularity

A lot of simplicity, a minimalist but attractive graphics and the ability to play with other users connected to the network across all platforms for which the title was made available, have made Among Us a phenomenon worthy of analysis. The popularity on Twitch, a reference point for many fans around the world, has then pushed more and more gamers towards the discovery of the game dynamics since last summer.

Currently, the platform that in terms of earnings has yielded the most to Innersloth is the PC: the download price of the computer version costs 3.99 euros. Instead, the mobile versions are free, with paid packages that allow the integration of new graphic and game elements, such as skins and cute animals that follow the characters in the maps. As it's easy to imagine, the success of the game has not been matched by the success of the monetization, as the additional paid bundles are not essential to fully enjoy this title.

Among Us, what future?

Following the surge of users, Innersloth had announced that they were planning a sequel to Among Us, potentially doubling the fun opportunities for gamers. Just a month later, however, the house has chosen to take a step back, canceling the new version from the plans and deciding for the future to focus on updates of the original core, giving an increasingly compelling gaming experience.