Why does the Wi-Fi connection keep dropping?

Often when we play video games or when we watch a streaming movie the connection has slowdowns, here are the main causes

The home Wi-Fi connection sometimes seems to play tricks on us. The speed plummets every time we watch our favorite TV series or while we were playing online games. Connection problems might be one of the reasons for Wi-Fi failure. But they are not the only ones.

There are several devices that create interference in our connection. Bluetooth devices, cordless phones and even microwave ovens can create problems to our Network and slow down our Internet connection conspicuously. To solve this problem or move the electronic devices that create interference or we can change, from the management page of the router, the radio settings of our Wi-Fi. Sometimes even without interference the signal is not stable and has sudden drops. This may depend on the distance of our PC or smartphone from the router.

To improve this problem we can use signal amplifiers or position the router so that it covers better the whole house. It may seem a waste of time, but finding the right position of the router is essential to be able to use the Internet both in the kitchen and in the bedroom, especially if the rooms are very far from each other.

Connecting to the right network

Often, especially if we live in very crowded buildings, it is easy to find more than one Internet connection to connect to. If some of these Wi-Fi connections were not password-protected, our smartphone or computer would connect automatically. This creates inconvenience if the Network is not stable or if the neighbor turns off the router. Before watching a movie or playing a game, make sure you are connected to the right network.

Update drivers and firmware

Every computer uses a driver to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Just as every router contains firmware to connect to it. These two elements over time can become obsolete and insecure. That's why we need to update them constantly.

Data Overload

Some routers can go into data overload. This happens almost exclusively if we play a very heavy video game or if we have to download large files. In this case, the connection would drop. Beware also of overheating. Avoid placing the router in places that are too closed or close to heat sources such as radiators, fireplaces or stoves.