Why Iliad is sending an email to all its customers

Iliad is sending an email to all subscribers reminding them of the contractual conditions of their subscription. Here's what it's for

Many Iliad users have received, in their inboxes in recent hours, a communication from their phone operator, others will receive it shortly. It's not spam and it's not phishing, it's an email really sent by Iliad.

To be precise, it's a communication through which Iliad summarizes the details of the offer activated by the customer. It is not a communication as an end in itself, but a due act: the resolution 252/16/CONS of the Market Authority (AGCOM), among other things provides in fact that each operator reminds each of its customers the current offer, at least once a year. Iliad, for this, is sending the details of the offer via email reminding everyone that the offer "lasts forever and for real, with no hidden costs" and hoping that the user is always satisfied. Nothing changes, however, with regard to the commercial offers of this operator currently active: there are always three, even if one is hidden.

What's written in the email sent by Iliad

"Here's a short message to remind you of the details of your Iliad offer. We hope you are always satisfied with it." This is the incipit of the email that Iliad is sending to its customers in recent days and that you probably have received too. The text continues with the characteristics of the offer active on your card, with the details of the various counters (minutes, SMS and data). Finally, there is a reference to the Personal Area where you can check the features of the active offer.

Iliad: active offers today

At the moment you can subscribe to only three Iliad offers: Giga 50, Giga 40 and Voice. Giga 50 costs 7.99 euros per month and offers 50 GB of data traffic in 4G/4G+, 4GB of data roaming in Europe, unlimited minutes and SMS and the ability to make free calls to landlines in sixty countries around the world (even to mobile in the U.S. and Canada). Giga 40 is practically identical to Giga 50: it costs 6.99 euros per month and the data traffic is a maximum of 40 GB but everything else is the same. Voce, on the other hand, costs 4.99 euros and offers unlimited minutes and SMS (also roaming in Europe) and 40 MB of 4G/4G+ traffic. All offers require a one-time payment of €9.99 for the activation of the new SIM.