Why iPhone8 will be incredibly expensive

OlED display, 3D camera and wireless charging: these are three of the possible reasons why Apple's top-of-the-line device will be priced at $1,200. And not only

If someone has turned up his nose, immediately after hearing that the Galaxy Note 8, the new device that Samsung would be ready to present in August, will cost more than a thousand dollars, will remain open-mouthed when he discovers the price that Apple intends to apply to the iPhone 8: 1200 dollars.

Of course, they are only rumors, official, as is normal, there is absolutely nothing. But the days of the presentation of the next top of the range of Cupertino are approaching and the chances that the rumors have a fund of truth are higher than ever. According to many experts, or allegedly so, at the base of the choice of Apple there would be several reasons. The first, and the most obvious, concern the technical characteristics of the iPhone 8. According to most of the news so far arrived, in fact, the smartphone of the Cupertino company will be destined to impress, considering the fact that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone.

Features iPhone 8

According to the countless rumors, the iPhone 8, for the first time in its history, will mount a 5.7-inch OLED screen, which will occupy almost the entire front. Another important novelty, and never seen yet, will revolve around the ID touch. The fingerprint sensor, again according to the latest rumors, could be placed inside the display. In addition, Apple is ready to reserve surprises even on the front of the photo department, which will host a dual sensor. And not only that. Most likely, on the back side there will also be a 3D laser sensor.

Is that all? Absolutely not. The iPhone 8 will also support wireless charging. Features that partly justify Apple's $1,200 asking price. Many argue that some elements, such as wireless charging, will be additional options and only available on the model from over $ 1000.

Delay in the realization of the device

But there is a second school of thought, which argues that the reasons are quite different. Lately, in fact, it has been rumored that Apple might delay the presentation of the iPhone 8 due to some problems with the number of available OLED panels and with the wireless charging system, which would prevent the Californian company from meeting the initial demand. According to some rumors, Apple would have decided to balance the demand, bringing the price of the iPhone 8 to 1200 dollars and "saving" in this way the launch scheduled for September. Will it really be like that? For now, Apple is silent. In the coming weeks, we will surely know more.