Why Samsung has changed the name of the Galaxy Z Flip 2

The Korean company fears that the public will not correctly interpret the name of its next foldable smartphone: better change it.

Galaxy Z Flip 2, or rather no: Galaxy Z Flip 3. This is the peculiar decision that Samsung has decided to take for its foldable that should debut in July, leaving in fact empty the box dedicated to version number 2 of the model with horizontal closure. What are the real reasons behind the choice?

Many in these hours are asking some questions about the motivations of the bizarre position of the South Korean company that, in the coming months, will be engaged in the launch of two completely updated versions of its two models from the particular form factor that has made school. Both for the variant with the booklet closure and for the one characterized by the two sections that close on their vertical axis, the attention is particularly high, both among the public of experts and enthusiasts, since this year the competition with the competitors in the sector could get really tough.

Galaxy Z Flip 2 or 3?

Although the feeling that this is just a marketing choice is quite strong, the site LetsGoDigital reported some sources that would see in the name change a real necessity, in order to avoid doubts and confusion in consumers. In fact, the choice of the name Galaxy Z Flip 3 would derive mainly from the perception of the device.

With the release in the same time of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 model, the use of the number "2" could instill in consumers the doubt of being face to face with an old model, obsolete compared to the other characterized by the number "3". That's why Samsung preferred to press on the accelerator, as it has already happened in the past.

In fact, back in 2016 Samsung had made a similar move. At that time, to undergo a generational leap in the name was the Galaxy Note series, which went from Series 5 to Series 7 without ever actually passing through the number 6 in order not to fall behind with the Galaxy S7 range, in production during the same year.

Galaxy Z Flip 2, the anticipations on the technical characteristics

At the moment, there are still few technical specifications available on the foldable of Samsung. According to the first previews collected on the net, unlike his brother Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3 should be able to count on a screen with larger dimensions, both in terms of internal display and external.

We are waiting for a confirmation for the restyling of the photographic compartment of which was rumored in recent weeks, or three cameras, one more than the pair present on the folding models put on the market last year. Nothing done, at least for now, about the integration of a larger battery, useful to support the increased energy demand of the device.

Despite these pleasant updates to the foldable, attention remains focused on his brother Galaxy Z Fold 3. It's not the device itself that attracts interest, but the possible integration of the S Pen in the device, the first to use the stylus of the South Korean company. The novelty, however, could penalize some aspects of the smartphone, we must therefore wait for new revelations in order to have a more complete picture to assess the choice of Samsung.