Why Snapchat has become a danger for all kids

The latest update of Snapchat has introduced a feature that allows members to view on a map where other contacts are

There is a new danger that does not make parents sleep soundly, already anxious because of cyberbullying and sexting, very worrying phenomena and children of new technologies. It's SnapMap, the latest feature recently introduced by Snapchat, the instant messaging application.

It's a map where users of the famous app, especially appreciated by young people, can see the exact location of their contacts. And vice versa, that is, be geolocalized in turn. A service that in recent hours has been the subject of extensive discussions, especially with regard to privacy. Snapchat members have, however, the ability to disable geolocation, choosing the "ghost mode", an option that allows access to the map without being seen by other contacts. But that's not enough to appease the apprehension that has arisen among parents, who fear that their children may face numerous risks.

Snapchat: the app preferred by teens

The main problem is that Snapchat is mostly used by teens. The much imitated app, which allows you to send messages, videos, photos and insert animated filters, after the update could be used by stalkers or other malicious people to know where a user is. What's more, if the young subscriber doesn't change his or her settings, Snapchat updates his or her location each time he or she logs in again, making very sensitive information, such as home address, public on the map.

Young people, who often don't consider the consequences of their actions, could also be led to share their location easily with untrustworthy people.