Why the iPhone Xs costs more in Italy

Apple's new top-of-the-line smartphone costs more in Italy than in other countries. Here's the reason for this price hike for iPhone Xs on the Italian market

In addition to top-of-the-line features and camera quality, the new 2018 iPhones have sparked some discussion for their prices as well. And many of the most shrewd users will have noticed that in Italy the iPhone Xs costs much more than in other European countries and the world.

The iPhone Xs in its "basic" 64GB version in Italy will cost 1,189 euros to go up to the 1,589 euros needed for those who want the top-of-the-line model with 256GB of internal memory. And the costs increase even more if we look at the iPhone Xs Max, namely the device with a 6.5-inch screen. For this model we start from 1,289 euros of the variant with 64GB, we go to 1,459 euros for the 128GB version and end up at 1,689 euros for the model with 256GB of storage space included. In short, the new iPhones 2018 in Italy are priced between 1,100 euros and about 1,700 euros. An important expense especially if compared to the price of the same applephones in other markets of the Old Continent.

How much does iPhone Xs cost in the world

To understand the difference between countries let's analyze the most "economic" version of the new iPhones and then the iPhone Xs 64GB. In the United States, net of the lower taxation that there is on electronic devices produced by companies in the same country, the initial cost is $ 999, about 855 euros at current exchange rates. A price slightly higher than that provided for Japan, where to buy an iPhone Xs will be enough about 898 euros. Slightly higher price in the United Arab Emirates: 989 euros. Under a thousand euros even in Canada, where the iPhone Xs 64GB will start from 912 euros. The price for an iPhone Xs base in Australia is 1,010 euros. In the countries of the Old Continent, the lowest price is in the United Kingdom: 1120 euros. Prices lower than Italy also in Spain (159), Germany (149), France (159), Holland (159), Austria (149), Ireland (179). Only in Sweden (1,224 euros) and Denmark (1,193 euros) does the iPhone Xs cost more than in Italy.

Why does the iPhone Xs cost more in Italy

Why is the cost of the new iPhone Xs higher in our country? The answer is not to be found in Apple but in the national taxation. In Italy, the VAT rate is 22% and the tax on electronic goods in our country increases with the size of the internal memory. That's why an iPhone Xs with 256GB costs more than in most other European countries.