Why the smartphone always reboots and what to do

Sometimes our Android smartphone can reboot for no apparent reason, here are the main causes of this inconvenience and how to solve it

Rarely happen, but not for this reason you can exclude a priori. Whether it's due to a hardware problem or a software bug, it can happen that your smartphone reboots continuously, for no apparent reason. And, above all, without us being able to do anything. At least apparently.

Resolve the problem of continuous reboots of your Android smartphone, in fact, it is possible. Provided that you somehow manage to identify the root cause (or causes): in this way you will be able to understand, broadly speaking, what are the possible lines of action and put in place the appropriate countermeasures. If you succeed, you will be able to solve the problem at its root and stop the continuous reboots of your Android device. If, on the other hand, you are not so lucky (or unlucky, depending on your point of view), you will have to resort to the "care" of a specialized service center.

Why does your smartphone keep restarting

The reason why an Android smartphone restarts by itself can be due to numerous causes. Some of them are really trivial, such as the malfunction of the power button due to a badly inserted cover or too small compared to the size of our phone. While others are more serious causes that need to be solved particularly quickly. The automatic reboot can in fact be dictated by a malware that has infected our smartphone or by excessive battery overheating. If for days our smartphone has been rebooting for no reason several times a day, however, we should not think of replacing it.

Applications that cause constant reboots

Some applications can cause bugs on our smartphone and force Android to reboot several times. To prevent apps from causing problems on our phone let's make sure we have only the programs we use daily installed on our Android. Old games or apps that have been used a couple of times at most will only clog up our internal memory and slow down the smartphone. Uninstall them. It is also important to constantly update our apps to the latest version available on the Play Store.

Watch out for bloatware apps that you delete or deactivate

One of the problems with Android devices is that when we buy a new phone we can find a lot of bloatware installed: apps of dubious usefulness that don't require installation by the user. Basically, they are the apps preinstalled on our smartphone that take up memory and that we often can't delete even if we never use them. Sometimes users trying to uninstall them create bugs on the system. If we accidentally deactivate a system app, it's very likely that some functions of our phone will stop working. And this means slowdowns and sudden reboots. If we've deactivated a system app by trying to uninstall a Google app we weren't interested in, there's nothing left to do but reactivate the blocked services and check that the phone is working properly again.

The battery can cause constant reboots

Smartphones with replaceable batteries can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but if we own one of these Android phones and notice constant reboots, it's possible that the cause is the battery itself. If the battery compartment has been damaged or if the battery has started to defect and overheat, it is possible that our Android turns off and then on again for no apparent reason. In this case the solution is to replace the battery (it is important to do so with an original and compatible).

Beware of the cover

We said at the beginning sometimes the cause of reboots on Android is really trivial, for example a cover inserted wrong can cause reboots and continuous shutdown. But also malfunctions with the audio, since the keys + and - are almost always located on the side of all devices of the robot. More complicated discussion if the power button is broken due to a blow, too much dirt or water (if our smartphone is not waterproof). In this most unfortunate case we will have to go to a service center to have the phone repaired.