Why Tumblr has been deleted from the App Store

Because of some content of perdo-pornographic material not deleted in a short time from the social Tumblr Apple has removed the application from its App Store

For a few days iPhone users will have noticed that on the App Store has been deleted the application of Tumblr. For those who don't know it, it's a microblogging and social networking platform purchased a few years ago for $1 billion by Yahoo! that allows you to create a personal blog to be updated with both multimedia and written text content.

Although  Tumblr is no longer at its peak, in terms of users who use it, there are at least 500 million subscribers who use the platform every month. Apple has reportedly deleted the Tumblr app from its digital store for apps due to some of the platform's violations of the security and content guidelines that Cupertino imposes on programs placed within the App Store. Specifically, Tumblr has been accused of failing to remove child pornography content uploaded within it. 

Tumblr removed from App Store due to child pornography content

To give the news of the removal from the App Store of Tumblr were the same developers of the platform. The programmers have however defended themselves by saying that Tumblr constantly monitors the content within it and through an automated control system managed by special algorithms. Unfortunately, however, due to a flaw in this automated verification system, some content considered to be child pornography material escaped control and remained visible for some time within Tumblr.

The material, however, did not go unnoticed by Apple, which decided to remove the Tumblr app from the App Store until the situation was fixed. The managers of the publishing platform immediately intervened, but it wasn't enough: the omelette was already done and the application deleted from the digital store for iPhone and iPad. However, this is not the first time that Apple has taken such a measure: it is likely that, as has already happened, the app will soon be readmitted to the store and can be downloaded again by users of the bitten apple.