Why WhatsApp won’t let you send voice notes

Audio notes are one of the most used features of WhatsApp: here's what to do if you can't send voice messages

On January 19, 2020 WhatsApp is down and won't let you send voice messages. Here you can find a minute-by-minute update of what's happening.

The WhatsApp voice notes have become one of the most used features of the messaging app, especially among young people. In many cases they have replaced calls: you send yourself a couple of voice messages and you no longer need to have to call a person.

The secret of voice notes' success is how easy they are to use: just press the icon with the microphone and start talking: WhatsApp will record the message and send it to our friend. Even for WhatsApp, audio messages have become very important, so much so that developers have created a new system to send voice notes without having to keep your finger pressed on the screen for the duration of the message. Sometimes, however, voice messages create problems for people: you can not send the note or listen to it. What are the causes of these problems? It depends, the factors are different and all different from each other. Here's what to do when you can't send a voice message.

Check your Internet connection

The first reason why you can't send audio notes is the most trivial: you are not connected to the Internet. As you well know, without data connection or active Wi-Fi connection WhatsApp does not work and it is impossible to receive and send messages. So, before creating unnecessary alarm, check that your smartphone has the checkmark on mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

Missing permissions

When you install WhatsApp, the application asks you for permission to access certain features of your smartphone. If you have accidentally refused permission to access the microphone, you will not be able to send voice notes with WhatsApp, or you will send voice messages without sound. How to fix this problem on Android? You need to go into Settings, click on "Apps and Notifications" and then WhatsApp. From the personal tab of the app you'll have to press on "Permissions" and put a check mark next to the Microphone option. Once this is done, you can go back to sending voice messages to your friends.

Smartphone's date and time are not set correctly

The time and date are very important for WhatsApp to work properly. If they are incorrect, it will be impossible for your smartphone to connect to the application's servers and download media. Once the date and time are set correctly, you will be able to send audio notes with WhatsApp.

Lack of storage space

One of the most common reasons why you cannot send and receive audio notes on WhatsApp is the lack of space on your smartphone's memory or SD card. In such cases you need to perform a storage space cleanup by deleting all unnecessary images received over time. Start with videos and images received on WhatsApp and then move on to work documents and photos taken with your smartphone. Once the "cleanup" is complete, you'll be able to download the audio notes received from your friends.