Why Xiaomi Sound is a smart speaker different from all the others

High performance and exploitability for the latest Xiaomi Sound smart speaker recently announced, moreover at a very attractive price: here's why it's special

To hear Xiaomi while at the presentation of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 and other tech items describing the features and highlights of its latest smart speaker Xiaomi Sound, it was immediately evident that it was a valuable, high-end product. Yet it doesn't cost that much at all, at least when you "brutally" convert Chinese prices into euros.

Converting prices from yuan to euros is a potentially dangerous operation. In fact, it does not take into account the various levies due to shipping and distribution operations from China to Europe, the different taxation, and more generally all those elements that make a product have very different prices between those applied in a given country of another continent and, for example, Italy. But even if you want to consider - roughly, of course - all the various levies that come into play in exporting, Xiaomi Sound seems very cheap in relation to what it has to offer.

Xiaomi Sound, technical specifications

Xiaomi Sound is first and foremost a very compact smart speaker for the performance announced by the company, according to which it is designed to offer a very powerful and widespread 360-degree audio, integrates Harman Audio EFX technology that allows you to have extremely deep and rich bass even for long listening sessions without the risk of damaging the hardware.

It features 2.25-inch neodymium-iron-boron magnets and dual 54 x 44-millimeter suspended passive radiators, reaching a maximum sound pressure of an impressive 90 decibels and bass down to 70 Hz, complete with Hi-Res Audio and HARMAN Golden Ear certifications.

There is also an algorithm in charge of equalizing the sound in real time (up to 330 times per second, says Xiaomi) depending on the listening volume and the conformation of the environment in which you place it, all to maximize the sound output in all conditions, whether with very low volume or on the contrary very high.

Very interesting is the possibility to pair two of them to replicate the stereo effect and to connect up to 8 of them together in order to expand the power and also the dislocation of sound sources, for example to cover even very large rooms or more than one room: no problem of coverage since everything can work via Wi-Fi connection.

Xiaomi Sound, however, also has Bluetooth connectivity in version 5.2 and UWB technology that comes in handy with compatible smartphones (the company's only recent Xiaomi Mi Mix 4) so you can pair them by simply directing the phone towards the smart speaker. It integrates the company's Xiao AI voice assistant, which, however, in our parts would be useless because it is in Chinese.

The Xiaomi smart speaker is compatible with Android devices in version 4.4 or higher and iOS products from version 9.0 up, and does not reach the kilogram of weight: it stops at 940 grams.

Xiaomi Sound, price and availability

The Xiaomi Sound smart speaker is on sale in China for just 499 yuan which at current exchange rate corresponds to about 65 euros. No news for the moment regarding its availability outside the Chinese borders.