Why you can no longer see Channel 20 on digital terrestrial

Channel 20 HD is no longer available on digital terrestrial: here's why. What to do to continue to see it

Addio to Mediaset's Channel 20 on digital terrestrial: since yesterday it has disappeared from the list of available channels, at least in its HD version, because the channel is still visible in standard resolution at number 20 and 520.

The Mediaset channel dedicated mainly to American TV series, which also broadcasts soccer matches every now and then (it debuted with Juventus-Real Madrid of the Champions League on April 3, 2018), is now visible in high definition on Sky and Tivùsat platforms. In July, Mediaset had moved its Channel 20 in HD to number 20 on the list, but due to the final closure of H3G's La3 multiplex, it was necessary to reorganize frequency occupancy again. Canale 20 in HD, therefore, at the moment disappears and it is not known if it will return in the future on another multiplex because other channels have been moved to Mediaset 3, but not 20 HD.

Closing of multiplex La3: all channel moves

From its birth in 2006 until today the multiplex La3 has seen the passage, and then disappear, of television and radio channels. To mention only the latest entries and exits, from 2018 to date, we recall the addition of Radio 105 and Virgin Radio, Mediaset Italia 2 and the downscaling to SD of Premium Action, subsequently eliminated from the multiplex along with Premium Crime, Canale 5 HD, 20 HD and Mediaset Extra HD. The latter is eliminated after just two months, in favor of Rete 4 HD. Subsequently, 105 TV is eliminated and Virgin Radio TV enters, then Italia 1 HD disappears. In 2019, Radio Monte Carlo and Mediaset Italia Due also arrive on the La3 multiplex, then Rete 4 HD and Mediaset Italia Due go away. Finally, yesterday, November 20, 2019, the multiplex closes completely and all channels disappear, while Virgin Radio Tv and R101 pass on the Mediaset 3 multiplex and the R101, RMC, Radio 105 and Virgin Radio radios pass on the D-Free one.


In the meantime, while TV and radio channels "dance" on the first generation digital terrestrial, time is running out to switch to the second generation one: DVBT-2. From 2021, the switch-off will start and will involve the whole of Italy, forcing many citizens to buy a new TV set or an ad hoc decoder to receive the signal.