Why you need to delete WhatsApp from your smartphone

Deleting WhatsApp from your smartphone allows you to reclaim memory space. Here is the procedure to follow to uninstall WhatsApp

It is the most loved and hated app of recent years. Loved because it has simplified many small aspects of daily and working life, making communication smarter. Hated because in many cases it has "ruined" the lives of people, who live constantly with their eyes on the smartphone screen waiting for the umpteenth message from the group of friends. We are talking about WhatsApp.

For many people WhatsApp has become synonymous with the smartphone. Everything goes through the messaging application: relationships with friends turn into voice notes, pictures and video calls. Face-to-face relationships are disappearing to make way for increasingly digital relationships. Having arrived at this point you'll think that the reason you have to delete WhatsApp is because it's ruining kids who no longer know how to relate in real life. In reality, this is not the reason. You have to delete WhatsApp from your smartphone because it is the main cause of slowdowns in your device.

Many people think that all the features offered by WhatsApp are free. In reality, this is not the case. There is a price to pay: the memory occupied on the device and the slowdown in performance. This is much more evident for those who have a cell phone with a storage space of 16 or 32GB. Just a couple of months and the memory starts to run out due to the content received on WhatsApp. But that's not all. The social application accumulates data and temporary files that flood your smartphone. That's why you need to delete WhatsApp from your smartphone at least a couple of times a year and re-install it from scratch. This will free up memory and your smartphone will be back to its old self.

How to delete WhatsApp from smartphone

The procedure we will explain is valid for both Android and iOS smartphones. The first thing to do is to check how much space WhatsApp occupies on the smartphone. If we have an Android device, we have to enter inside the settings, press on Storage Space and then on Apps. within a few seconds a list of all the applications will open and under the name of each one there is reported the space occupied. On the iPhone you have to go into Settings > General > Free Space and you'll get the list with the memory occupied by each app. If WhatsApp is the heaviest app, it means it's time to delete it.

Before uninstalling the app, remember to back up WhatsApp so you don't lose your conversations. To make the backup, just open the app, go into Settings, then Chats and select Back up your chats. Pressing on the green "Backup" button will save your conversations to the cloud space.

Completed all the preparatory steps, you can finally delete WhatsApp. If you have an Android smartphone, access the app drawer, make a long tap on the WhatsApp icon and a menu will appear with several possible actions. Select Uninstall and the application will be deleted. On the iPhone scroll through the pages of HP until you come across WhatsApp, make a long tap on the icon and an "X" will appear. Click on it and WhatsApp will be deleted.

How to install WhatsApp

Uninstall the app from your smartphone and you'll have to install it again. Download it from the Google Play Store or App Store, follow the whole wizard, enter your phone number and you will have WhatsApp again. But with a lot more space on your smartphone's memory.