Why you need to update your iPhone to iOS 13.2.2 now

Apple releases iOS 13.2.2 update that fixes many bugs users have encountered in recent weeks. Here's how to install it

Just over a month after the release of iOS 13, Apple has already released several updates to its operating system. After iOS 13 and iOS 13.2, iOS 13.2.2 has also arrived, an update that doesn't bring any major software news, but fixes many small bugs reported by users in recent weeks.

Apple has released a few days ago the new software update that can be installed on iPhone and iPad. The update goes to fix many bugs present in previous versions of the mobile operating system. Users had started experiencing a number of annoying problems mostly related to multitasking. But that's not all. In recent weeks, bugs were also found with the signal of the phone network (with iPhones that lost the signal inexplicably) and with the reception of e-mails.

Multitasking issues

The main bug found by users consisted in the unexpected closing of tabs when switching from one application to another. Not only that, but some applications, especially YouTube and Safari, would continually reload pages and videos, which would affect both data traffic and battery life.

Another problem encountered by many users was a momentary loss of connection right after making a phone call, along with the inability to access the internet for a few short intervals of time. The new update, strongly suggested by the house of Cupertino is already available and can be installed simply by clicking on the notification sent to the devices of Apple, or, alternatively, accessing the settings panel by clicking on "General" and then "Software Update".

Bugs and fixes

But that's not all, the fixes developed by Apple engineers also solve the problems encountered during the charging phase of some accessories powered by YubiKey Lightning, USB device used as a physical authentication key. Finally, a small problem related to the inability to read some responses to messages exchanged between different Microsoft Exchange accounts has also been fixed.