Why you should never change your date of birth in Twitter

Twitter is running a new game. Find out what it is and why you should never change your date of birth by setting it in 2007

Social networks are often the scene of cyber attacks, hoaxes and jokes in bad taste. And just in the last few days is circulating on Twitter a joke that is creating inconvenience to users. The game could be funny for many, and surely it will be for the anonymous person who invented it, but it turns out to be very annoying for the poor victim.

It all starts when a person follows a suggestion, which is sent via private chat or public tag, just like in a chain letter. The tip says to change the date of birth to any day in 2007 to be able to unlock amazing secret features. If the user takes the bait, the consequences are not long in coming: whoever modifies the date of birth, immediately suffers a real punishment. Is your naivety and good faith to blame? Probably yes, but it's better not to be caught unprepared.

Twitter: what happens if you set the date of birth in 2007

To understand immediately the consequences of the incautious gesture, just make two calculations. Those born in 2007 are less than 13 years old, the minimum age limit required by Twitter to users when they sign up to the platform. So if a user follows the advice of the joke and sets his birth date in this year, his account is immediately blocked, because he is admitting to be too young. This prank then has a number of negative consequences. First of all, to get back access to your profile, you'll need to contact the social network's assistance and prove that you are over 13 years old. It is necessary to send an identity document that shows your real age. Unfortunately, the restoration of the account is not immediate. In fact, in the last few days the Customer Service has had so many such requests, that the waiting time has become longer. Verifying the age of users and reactivating their account requires strict control. Of course, the platform can't afford any mistakes: the registration of children under 13 is absolutely forbidden.

Birthdate crunch: Twitter tries to curb the inconvenience

Unfortunately, Twitter is already running for cover. First of all, from the official account @TwitterSupport it warned users not to fall into the trap, but that wasn't enough. So it has set up a real procedure for the victims of the prank. Subscribers who have changed their date of birth are sent an email with detailed instructions on how to restore their profile and be able to access the social network again. Unfortunately, these types of pranks are quite common on social networks. They play on the low level of attention and curiosity of members to wreak havoc and disruption. The key is to never follow tips, alerts or other requests from unverified or insecure accounts.