Will charging your smartphone all night hurt battery life?

Many users believe that charging their phone at night or taking it to 100% can damage the autonomy of the device, but this is a false myth

Many users are terrified of the progressive deterioration of the battery of their smartphone. After a few months or years it is normal to notice a decline in the autonomy of our phone. The causes are many, but for some the main reason is the long charging cycles. But is this really the case?

Many users avoid charging their smartphone at night. In the past, in fact, manufacturers and technology experts convinced us that cell phones could have a drop in performance if left for too many hours attached to the electricity even after reaching a full battery charge. On various forums and specialized cell phone sites, some users advise against charging the smartphone to 100%. This would be one of the main causesĀ of battery deterioration. In fact, these comments are not applicable to today's phones. So the answer is no, recharging the device at night or taking it to 100% will not decrease the battery life.

Battery Life

In the past, cell phones did not have any system of recognizing the completion of charging. This meant that once they reached 100%, the current continued to overload the battery deteriorating it. Nowadays any smartphone, even those of medium-low beam, are equipped with intelligent software that "block" the incoming electricity once a full charge is reached. Many technology experts have reassured consumers many times: long charging cycles are no longer a big problem for the battery.

Improving performance

It is true, however, that to get better performance we may not recharge the phone to 100% every time. According to several studies a smartphone performs best, in terms of autonomy, if the battery remains constantly between 30% and 90%. In practice, recharging the device at 100% will not ruin it, but simply, even if it seems absurd, keep it constantly half-loaded, it will increase the autonomy.