Will LG G8 be the cheapest top-of-the-line smartphone of 2019?

LG G8 ThinQ could be the cheapest top-of-range smartphone of the year: the launch price is set at 750 euros

For technology enthusiasts, the current one will certainly be an interesting month: it's very close to Mobile World Congress 2019 (February 25-28), the largest exhibition dedicated to the mobile world and telephony.

Between the many appointments on the agenda, stands out the presentation of LG G8 ThinQ, the next top of the range Android that already stands out for its peculiar 3D front camera and equipped with the innovative technology Time-of-Flight, capable of accurately calculating the depth of field, calculating the return time of the infrared light reflected by the framed subject. However, the photographic apparatus is not the only reason for attention: rumors suggest that LG G8 may be the cheapest top of the range of 2019.

LG G8, technical characteristics

The new smartphone from the Korean giant has technical features that immediately put it on the same level as the top of the range : the company has already confirmed that the phone will mount a 3D ToF front camera that will improve the quality of selfies and face recognition system. The operation of the technology is similar to Apple's TrueDepth, but instead of thousands of laser dots, an infrared light is used. 3D recognition is achieved by calculating the time it takes for the light to return after hitting the face. Since the ToF technology is not affected by external sources, the result has a high reliability even in low ambient light.

In addition to the photo compartment, LG G8 ThinQ will mount the chipset Snapdragon 855, with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The screen will be 6.1 inches with QuadHD+ resolution and 19:9 aspect ratio. The notch will be present. The rear camera will consist of two photo sensors. 3,400mAh battery.

LG G8 ThinQ price and release date

The smartphone will be officially unveiled on February 24 in an event before the start of Mobile World Congress 2019. To see LG G8 ThinQ on the market, however, we will have to wait a few more weeks: the release is likely to be towards the end of March. As for the price, LG G8 ThinQ could be one of the cheapest top-of-the-line devices of the last period: according to some rumors, the launch price should be around 750 euros.