Will Samsung Galaxy S22 be too expensive?

Not good news about the Galaxy S22 prices: it seems that fans will have to put in account a higher expense than in the past

The air that you breathe in the last hours on the network on the account of Samsung Galaxy S22 is a bit heavy. The reason is that the latest rumors about the price of Samsung's next top are not comforting. Mind you, no one would have expected a decrease, perhaps important, of the list price: the top of the range cost and will always cost a lot, a lot in absolute terms.

It is the "price" to pay to have the best technology that the industry can bring to market, and those who approach this kind of devices know that they will not get away with a few hundred euros less on the bank account to have the latest technology. Samsung, moreover, has always used cutting-edge components, so, if possible, is even more expensive than the average, already high. But someone could have legitimately hoped for a slight downward adjustment of the price of the Samsung Galaxy S22 compared to its predecessors. Apparently this hope will be disappointed.

Samsung Galaxy S22, the European prices go up

Nothing of this at least according to the latest rumors, which on the contrary prospect a tweak upward of the European list prices. Nothing that can desist most of the fans who are approaching the top devices such as Samsung Galaxy S22, but certainly not good news.

The information shared by the rumor on the European prices of the three "top" Korean emerges in fact an increase of 70 euros charged to the list prices of Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 + and Galaxy S22 Ultra, which would thus be proposed respectively to 950, 1,150 and 1,350 euros. The bitter pill would be easier to swallow in the case of Galaxy S22 Ultra, for which will come at least one substantial novelty (in addition to high-level cameras).

The top of the range uncompromising Samsung in fact will fully pick up the legacy of the Galaxy Note range, which seems to have definitely gone off the radar. As a result Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will borrow many of the distinctive features of the latest Galaxy Note, starting from the screen with squared lines and slightly curved on the long sides through the S Pen that, compared to Galaxy S21 Ultra, will finally have a dedicated slot inside the smartphone where you can store it (and recharge it) when not in use.

Better a Galaxy S21?

In other words, the improvements that Samsung would have in mind for Galaxy S22 Ultra could better justify the increase in list price than what (you think) will happen on the two "younger" brothers, Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+. But there you have it: if the rumors on the prices of the next Galaxy will turn out to be correct, fans should swallow the pill or fall back on one of the Galaxy S21 whose price has fallen in a not indifferent way over the months.

At any rate in light of the black period for manufacturers due to the crisis of the chips, which inevitably causes today and will cause throughout 2022 an increase in production costs: equal demand, if the supply falls, the costs go up. When in doubt, it might be better to wait for the right offer to take home a Galaxy S21.